.?. Noe or Horizontal Lockit .?.

  1. I've been longing for a Noe for quite some time. I get my bonus this month and have pretty much decided that's what I'm going for. But for some reason I keep going back and forth between the Noe and the Horizontal Lockit. Whenever I purchase LV I have to drive down to Atlanta, GA as we have no LV here in Knoxville, TN. Seeing as my heart is pretty much set on the Noe I was going to order it from elux and pass on the 3.5 hour road trip to Atlanta. The only thing I've purchased from elux was a vachetta strap. I think my concern is that if I get the Noe and decide it's not for me is returning to elux a problem .?. This'll be my first purchase where I haven't been able to go in the boutique and try on different bags. Any thoughts, ideas will be greatly appreciated. I definitely want an on the shoulder bag this time, which I think is what draws me to the Noe and that it's very roomy, and sort of falls under the 'classic' category. I have Mono Speedy 30, Mono Alma, Deauville & Damier Speedy 30.

    Sorry for the long, long post.........
  2. Tough call. I have both and LOVE both.
    Here are some:


    Noe: Single strap stays on the shoulder; fits a ton; easy to carry

    LH: Very chic looking bag; two pockets inside; handheld & shoulder bag


    Noe: No pockets means looking for stuff sometimes when the bag is full (unless you use a pursekit, etc.); some people are not fond of drawstrings or vachetta bottom (if you are thinking of getting the mono one)

    LH: some people are not fond of rolled handles; when carrying the bag on the shoulder, one handle seems to slip off quite often; if you have something heavy in the bag gathered in one spot, the bottom tends to sag a little
  3. I say get the Noe if that was your first love...or if you go to Atlanta, try both on and see which one strikes you the most.
  4. Lockit H...
  5. I'd get the Noe.
  6. My vote is for the LH.
  7. Me too! I just love this bag and I think it would be easier to carry on your shoulder.:smile: Good luck with your decision!
  8. Noe :love:
  9. noe
  10. ITA! :yes: Irene really gives some great pros/cons for you to consider though.....
  11. i'm going for the LH cuz I love how it's soo casually chic!!! love the look it presents!!! tough choice for you!
  12. Noe.
  13. Go for the Noe!
    Here is why...
    Sounds to me like you really want the Noe. You are confused because the lockit H. is a great bag, but, you also stated you have a Mono Alma. The Alma and LH are very similar looking, except the handles. This is why my opinion is to go for the NOE.. u won't regret it!!
  14. Thanks so, so much!! DH is no help <lol> he's like you know it doesn't matter, get the one you want...ummm yeah that's the problem.

    I think I'm going to go w/the Noe. For the past year it seems every time I see one on someone else I would think, "yep, that's definitely going to be my next LV" ....sort of like before my very first LV the speedy was my 'first love' and that's what I went with...so for atleast the last year, the Noe has become my other 'first love'!!

    Irene, thanks for the pros/cons on each...you all are just so great!! It's so good to have some place to go where people understand you...my friends, co-workers are like what's the big deal it's just a bag, ummm no it's not just a bag...then there is always the usual 'I can't believe you spend your entire bonus on a purse'....Many, many thanks again!! Right now I better go back to work - aarrgghh.
  15. Lockit Horizontal.