Noé Noé Noé

  1. Ok all you fans of the Noé, I call for your help.
    Which of these two would you purchase, if you had the chance?
    I don't have any piece from either of these lines and would like your opinion on them and how well they hold up with staying clean etcetera.

    so the choices are:

    Damier Azur Noé


    Dune Mini-Lin Noé

    Now, I am a guy, I am from the UK, I don't "mother" my bags except to stuff them when they aren't in use, and I tend to wear more black than browns (if that makes a difference? but I think both these bags will go with either colour really.)

    So what do you think about these lines and these bags? Are they big enough to carry the usual junk and a bottle of water (can't leave the house with a bottle of water!)

    And I know I should know better, but I will be ordering online as I can't be bothered to travel to London and I find some of the SA quite rude in Selfridges anyway.

    (Or should I just hold out and spend my money on the Richard Prince line? Too many decisions!!!!!...)
  2. I say Dune Mini Lin. I don't think our climate will allow you to carry the damier azur to its full potential most of the time.
  3. I vote mini lin!
  4. Mini-Lin I think is a bit less maintenance. Both are lovely though. I love my Monogram Petit Noe.

    And yes, they hold a TON, seriously, they were designed to hold 5 bottles of champagne, so you will have no problem carrying a bottle of water.

    Here's what fits in my Petit Noe:


  5. Mini Lin!!!
  6. It was meant to carry 6 bottles of champagne after all. Good luck!
  7. azur... simply because i love the pattern =P
  8. I say mini lin ... the azur just has too much vachetta for me.
  9. I'd go for the Mini Lin... it stands out more and looks so fresh.
  10. I agree! Azur all the way! :tup:
  11. Mini lin!
  12. mini lin !
    no vanchetta to worry about
  13. I love mini lin!!!
  14. my vote is for mini lin
  15. mini lin. i have a MC noe and i love it.