Noe lovers- need your help!

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  1. I am loving the Epi Noe but I am not sure whether I should go for the petite or the large size. I love the petite because it's so cute but I carry a ton of stuff with me every day, so that makes me lean towards the large size, but would it be TOO big on me? I'm only 5'4, medium build. If anyone owns both sizes of the Noe I would be forever grateful for pics!!! :yes:TIA!
  2. i only own the petite noe but im 5'3'' and the petite is perfect on me and holds SO MUCH!!! you would be amazed
  3. i think petite would look soo good on you.. i was previously considering a petite too.. i'm not quite sure how much it can hold but from a lot of the comments from other ppl it seems to hold quite a lot.
  4. i dont know if MC petit noe is dif. than monogram petit. but i have the MC petit and it fits ton and really cute
  5. you would be surprised how much the petite can hold, I have the epi noe(black) and I'm telling you it can hold it:tup:
  6. I agree with everyone here saying the Petit Noe holds a lot!!

    Fabulous bag, I've got the Epi in black, love it to death, probably one of my absolute favourite bags..(oops, I haven't got that many)

    I think the regular Noe is a bit big, Petit is perfect and I am 6'..guess it all comes down to preference. The Petit will hold most of what you need, unless you start dragging files and books sure to get a Purseket, as the Noe has no inside pockets...

    Good luck!
  7. Sorry for hijacking...but are Epi Noes suppose to be really stiff? My mum had 1 for 16 yrs and it's really stiff
  8. I would suggest the petite noe, the regular one is huge. About the petite noe, can it be carried hand/arm- held or is it strictly a shoulder bag?
  9. I think the Petit Noe holds a lot! Could be just what you're looking for!
  10. It's basically a shoulder bag, think the strap will be a bit long for a hand held no matter how much you adjust it...there is a Noe Mini which is strictly hand held:smile:
  11. Epi Noe is very structured ( which I love, as it never loses its shape), not sure if it gets stiffer with age, but I imagine it just stays the same, is it in good condition?
  12. Thanks for the info.
  13. They both hold a ton, I guess it depends on how tall the items you want to carry are. I have an old petit epi and it holds a lot.
  14. The petites are so cute - I didn't realize there were no inside pockets though...bummer.
  15. go with Petit Noe.. I have a petit and went out with gf who has the large noe, and she couldn't even carry it on her shoulder after walking 3 blocks. Sure you can carry a lot in the large... but it is very HEAVY. The epi material itself has some weigh on it already, and I personally LOVE large bags and still think the petit can hold a lot more than you think. I am your size by the way ;)