noe lovers help~~ which one? epi or mono?

  1. i want to get a petit noe... just love how cute it looks, shoud i get an epi black, an epi red or a mono? also i'm really petit at 5'1, would the petit noe look too big on me? thanks!:smile:
  2. I like the Mono the best!
  3. ^ yeah, me too.
  4. Mono, me 3! (I added it to my wishlist)
  5. I just bought the petite noe in mono - I like the mono best.
  6. hi i like epi black for low maintenance and it goes from casual to formal easily :smile: i'm 5'1 too and when i tried the mc black it looks weird on me but i think it's best to try personally in the store if u can :smile:
  7. I am partial to the epi!
  8. I just carried my mono mini for 2 days & really enjoyed the shoulder strap ease of it!
    Back to a hand- held bag tomorrow. Don't know yet who's turn it is in the rotation yet.
  9. I like the epi personally. And I think black or red would look fantastic!
  10. I like epi petit noe...

    (don't have mono noe,because I'm so much worry about the vachetta)
  11. I've had both and preferred the mono. However, if the vachetta bottom will both you, the epi is a better choice.
  12. For the petit noé I would go for the epi. (I have that on my wishlist already) It is absolutely beatiful - both the black and the red.

    IMHO the regular Noé looks better in mono because of the detail of the vachetta can also be seen on the side.

    Good luck on your final decision. :yes:
  13. I love the Epi Noé. The Mono is not so stable its swelling when you have too much stuff in it. Sorry for my English! I hope you understand me......
  14. Out of Monogram Canvas and Epi, I like Monogram Canvas the best.
  15. I LVOE the epi but ive just purchased the Mono petite Noé, a vintage one in fact with a beautiful vachetta and its stunning.

    The mono will age quicker but the epi seems to look brand new all the time!