Noé large...any happy owners? do post pics. of wearing it please! :)

  1. Are you pleased with the large Noé? I'm thinking of buying one today - if you have pictures of you wearing it, I would very much like to see...Thanks! :smile:
    Do you have a purseket in yours??
  2. Thanks Nola! :smile:
  3. There are also pics in the Visual Aids sticky. I LOVE the large Noe. I don't have a purseket in any of mine but have seen people use them and it looks very organised.
  4. My first noe just arrived today and i love it. I have a purseket in there and i'm sure i'll stick with it. If that's the case i'll upgrade to a large from the med I currently have.

    here's a pic with a med purseket in the petit noe.
  5. I have one and I love it! It is bigger than I expected it to be, but it didn't really bother me too much. I don't have a pic of me wearing mine but you can see a pic of it in the Noe Club thread.
  6. [​IMG]

    Please keep in mind that I am only five feet tall! :shame:
  7. Thanks to all :smile: - I bought it! - It's a little late in Denmark now ...the time is 22:40 PM - i'll try it tomorrow with the purseket inside. :smile:
  8. Please post pics wearing it when it arrives! Congrats!
  9. Thanks! :smile:
    Noe 1.JPG Noe 2.JPG Noe 3.JPG
  10. It looks GORGEOUS!!! CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:Don't you just LOVE it?!:nuts:
  11. Thanks a lot!! :heart: yes I love it - though I have not tried it yet....afraid of getting the pale leather dirty :lol: - It's in the bedroom window when the sun is shining :nuts:
  12. wow, cilifene, your collection of bags keeps growing! the noe is lovely.
  13. I have had a large Noe since 1992-it is still in excellent condition, I have always cleaned the leather and brass-so it looks really good. I just gave it to my friend who has Breast Cancer and was having problems carrying handle handbags due to wrist surgery so it went to a loving home and I am happy it will make her life easier because she puts so many things in her bag. I think it was my favorite LV bag for years. I see some of the new shoulder bags by LV and feel that one of those will be my next purchase. I like shoulder bags better than my Speedy or other bags.
  14. awesome bag it looks great!