Noe GM or hold out for Cabas/Babylone?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I can't seem to win a Cabas or a Babylone on Ebay. :sad2: There are quite a few Noes (GM)... it's obviously a very different shape than the Babylone or Cabas, but it's a large bag nonetheless. Does anyone have one? How do you like it?

    Also, if you could take a picture of yourself carrying it so I could get a sense of the size, that'd be great! I don't think I've ever seen how big they are in real life.
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  2. i like it but the pull strings break some times.
  3. Hi A! I have a few noes and I love them, but I know that you love the babylone and I know you'll find a beautiful one. So I say hold out for the one you really love.....or do both! haha!;) V
  4. Intelset,

    You already know what I'm going to say.
    Hold out for your Babylone girly. I'll come :biggrin:
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  6. Cabas and Babylone are better! ;)
  7. Thanks, Bags! Unfortunately, I don't want to buy from a My Poupette reseller because of the markup. As a matter of fact, I was in a bidding war over the last Babylone with a MPRS who won and will turn around to sell the bag for $200 more.

    Thank you for pointing it out, though!
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  8. haha I just gave you a reputation point, dunno if that did anything!
  9. I have owned both the babylone and the noe (petit). The Noe will hold more than the babylone but is much bulkier to carry and it's hard to keep your stuff organized in the Noe (if that matters to you)

    The babylone is very comfortable to carry. My vote is to hold out for the babylone.

    And $600 is a great price for that babylone. You might want to consider it

  10. I've owned the large Noe and the Babylone, and I definitely prefer the Babylone. It is a very beautiful and not common LV, IMO, as well as functional. You may get a better price if you wait for one of the older versions, the type that had a leather interior (not alcantara) and handles attached in a lower position than the modern Bab.

    Wait for your Bab!:idea:
  11. I don't like the look of the Noe, so I say hold out for the Cabas or Babylone :amuse:
  12. The Noe is a HUGE bag. I own a bicolor Noe I plan to use as a beach bag this summer. I can fit a very large beach towel (rolled up) into it!

    I have owned both a cabas Piana (beautiful bag, a little smallish for a tote, but great as a purse), and a Babylone. The Babylone was a great bag, useful as both a tote and a purse. One drawback to the Babylone is the top "corners" though. They are glued and over time the glue can wear off and cause them to fray a bit. Also, those corners are a bit "sharp" and can poke you a bit. The straps are nice and long though, and the Babylone will lie nice and flat under your arm.
  13. Agreed ! Don't go for your third choice when you can have your top two ! :amuse:
  14. I like the noe though. Babylone is a big bag and because it's structured so it looks even bigger and the straps are long. I am small so I know it will hang too low for me. But it's just me. Follow your heart! Or may be get the babylone and get the epi noe.
  15. I'm not crazy about Noe either hold out!