Noe Enabled Too!!!

  1. after reading this thread by ichelle and seeing all the pics by mick and everyone else, i buckled under and had to get the noe (even though i never ever wanted the noe because it wasn't a structured bag!). then researching some of your comments about pursekets etc, i was sold!

    anyway, the large black epi noe came last week and i've never owned a black LV before so this was another first! after picking up the bandeau yesterday, i paired it up and this was the result:




    sorry the photos are not really great...the weather is dreary and rainy out and there's no good lighting at all and i don't like to use flash at all. but i wanted to share first because i'm so excited that i'm one of the Noe-ers now. :yahoo:i'll post better pics under the tPF flickr group later!

    thanks for enabling me all you Noe owners!!! :heart:
  2. Gorgeous! Enjoy it! I :heart: my Petit Noe, I eventually want to get the regular size.
  3. OOh, that's HOT!!! I like:drool: . Might need to add that bandeau to my b-day :p list
  4. ohhh girl that is SHARP! wooooo! :party:
  5. love it! can you also do modeling pics???
  6. Awesome! Modelling pics plz?:love:
  7. That looks fab! Love it!:heart:
  8. Love how that looks- congrats on the noe!
  9. Love that! Looks amazing!:yes:
  10. very pretty! love the combination of the black epi leather and the bandeau
  11. you should! it's pretty cheap for an LV item. $120. your DH would probably give you a :nuts: look of approval!

    thanks for the inspiration! :heart: they didn't have the groom anymore! but i think this works better for the black epi.

    ok will do soon! i also need to model my montaigne bowling gm too!

    and glad everyone else is liking the black bandeau + black epi pair up!
  12. I have the black epi Petit Noe and LOVE IT!!! :yahoo: Good job and nice bag!
  13. Congrats on the Noe. this bag has really grown on me too. I want one in the epi as well but haven't decided which color to get.
  14. OooHhhh..beautiful bag. I love how you paired it with the bandeau. Very classy.
  15. they look gorgeous together!! I love that combo :love: