noe comparison pictures? and further help!

  1. hello! I'm new to LV, and recently a convert!
    I used to hate it 'cos i only turned 21 recently, so i couldn't quite see how it'd look on a petite girl who looks soo much younger than her age...

    but, i got a damier naviglio for my 21st birthday, and im now hooked.

    i need some suggestions please!

    i'm contemplating getting a noe, one that'd fit all the stuff that I bring to sch on a daily basis, and also be small enough to go shopping without looking ridiculous.

    does anyone have all 3 noes to take comparison pictures? i've seen noes here and there on the forum after searching, but they're pretty much in different pictures so its kinda difficult to compare sizes....

    also, im thinking about the epi noe - since its not too flashy like the monogram stuff, and it doesn't have vachetta! i'm a little paranoid about vachetta tanning, so i returned the monogram reporter i got, for a damier naviglio...

    finally, whats a suitable bag for a college student thats cute, can be carried on the shoulder/across the body (i really can't handle bags that have to be hand carried), and slightly lower-maintenance?

    i carry quite alot, the naviglio is a really great size for me, since it fits (almost) everything, but i try my best to pack light

    sorry its long, and thanks in advance!