Noe anything? ;)

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  1. Hi there!! I've always liked the shape of the large noe for some reason, but haven't got a clue what I could use it for! I do not think I would use it as a normal casual bag, but would definitely use it for certain things...if only I could come up with some!!

    Have you guys used your noe's in other ways than as a casual bag? So far I've thought of using it to put champagnes...after all its what they're known for!! :graucho:

    Much feedback and suggestions are welcomed!! Thanks in advance!!
  2. I think you could use the large sized noe as a duffle. Really just for carrying things here and there. I am always visioning getting the Azur Noe for this but I already have a keepall the schlep my stuff.
  3. gelbergirl, I think the Noe in Azur looks really good with Patina :nuts:
    oh wow that is a good idea, like a travel bag? I already have a keepall as well..maybe it could do well as a carry-on luggage bag...
  4. 1st, i love your siggy pic and avatar. second, i only have the petit noe, and all i only use it as a casual bag. i think if i got it preloved i would be less careful with it, but im still scared about the bottom.
  5. I use it as a shopping tote. Or when I´m out with the kids and need to be hands free. So roomy. But it can not be compared with a keepall, it´s way smaller. It´s a gorgeous everyday bag IMO.
  6. I use mine all day. as you look in my avatar I have the azur noe.
  7. i love how it's made for holding champagnes... what better use for a lv than bringing a party in it?? :yahoo:
  8. . . . I wonder if there has been a tPFer who has ever loaded his or her Noe with the champagne bottles . . . hmmmm, sounds like it could be a fun tPF meet huh???
  9. Yes maryelle!! It would definately fit a few moet-chandons!! :nuts:

    thanks lvuittonaddict, it was a gift from my girlfriend in 9th grade, probably due to me always eating cookies :biggrin: well I don't think I worry much 'bout the base of the noe, I never really take care of my bags...:sweatdrop: maybe it could work as a sports bag...haha..

    ritaki, I think the patina looks good on the azur noe! Nice photography btw!!

  10. You look like a vuitton ad! Stunning!:smile: