Nodule on Chest X-Ray?

  1. I had back surgery about 3 weeks ago. When I was admitted to the hospital, they did a routine chest x-ray. The chest x-ray showed a nodule on my right lung. The doctor said that it was probably a granuloma, which is scar tissue, and would need no treatment, but to be sure they did a CT scan. After the CT was done, my doctor told me that the radiologists wouldn't/couldn't say what it was and that maybe I'd need to have it biopsied. Then when I checked out of the hospital, they gave me a card showing that I was scheduled for a follow-up CT in September. Recently I googled it and everything I read said that if it was calcified it was no problem, but I don't think mine was calcified. Has anyone here had this problem or know anyone who has had it? I am not really worried and definitely don't want to do a biopsy, but I just can't seem to get much relevant information. Thanks.
  2. I'm sorry OP but I don't have any answers.... Why wouldn't you want to do a biopsy? I know its scary and probably painful, but it's best to find out what you're dealing with instead of worrying and wondering. And it's probably nothing to worry about like your Dr said but at least you can be rest assured and not left not having any conclusive answers. I know I would want to know.... I worry way too much to not have answers.....
  3. Most likely, there is nothing to worry about and radiologist recommended to follow up in 6 month just to be sure it is the same size as before and the same density. You have no symptoms, it was a routine X-ray. I would wait for sure and do another CT in 6 month.
  4. If they were worried I am sure they would have acted immediately & not waited for another scan but go talk to your consultant & put your mind at ease. Good luck!
  5. I will be seeing the doctor again in about 3 weeks, and I'll tell him I'm schedued for a CT in September. Hopefully he'll think that's okay and I can just forget about it until September, which certainly isn't very far away. Thanks ladies, for your advice and reassurances!