Noche Veneta Hobo

  1. Hi, can someone tell me what color the inside suede lining is for the Noche (hazelnut) colored large Veneta? :confused1:

    I think I saw that for the noche Ball bag it was a sky or light blue....

    TIA!!! :p
  2. does anyone own the classic Veneta in Noche (hazelnut)...who can help me with the color of the inside lining? Pretty please??? :love: :love: :love:
  3. I have seen the Veneta in Noce (hazelnut). The lining is indeed a baby blue like the sky. Nice. :yes:
  4. uh oh.... i'm wondering ...could i have gotten a fake from bluefly then?

    Actually, I had no doubts about its authenticity...looks, smells, and feels real...comes with mirror, dustbag that looks genuine... but if the lining is supposed to be blue for the Noche Veneta...??? Mine has a light brown, hazelnut toned lining! Can anyone who owns this exact purse confirm for me??? Do u think Noche could have come out w/different colored linings?
  5. I just checked with my SA on the phone, the medium size Veneta Noce comes with hazenult brown lining (like the Noce) whilst the large size Veneta in the baby blue lining. Hope that clarifies, and sets your mind at ease (if yours is the medium). ;)
  6. ^that was so very nice of u, ms piggy, to check w/ur SA... :love::love:as I don't have a personal SA from Bottega yet....

    But unfortunately, it DOES NOT ease my mind...since i have a LARGE NOCHE VENETA! Do you think she could have gotten it backwards by any chance??? The quality, the workmanship, and the font on the inner tag all make it seem like the real deal...

    Do u know what color the dustbag should be? Mine is a light brown colored dustbag....TIA!!!
  7. Some of the lining colors changed from season to season as well. Star had an dark brown ball bag that was pictured on the forum and she had blue lining in hers and then in 2006 everyone was reporting the lining had been changed to the beige/cream color.
  8. ^ thanks Bagpuss...that's good to should i not be alarmed that the lining for my large Veneta in Noche is the beige/hazelnut color?? I actually like this color for the inside better as it really matches the outside of the purse....

    If anyone else has any more info on this difference in lining color for the Noche Veneta...please let me know! I appreciate it greatly! :rolleyes:
  9. No worries, that’s what we are here for... to help ... and to enable each other. :graucho:

    To put your mind at ease, maybe you could post some pictures at the authenticate thread so other members could help verify for you. :yes:

    I understand that BV dustbag used to be dark brown but has changed to light brown (since last year?). HTH.
  10. Ms. Piggy,
    Yes, I think I will post pics soon to authenticate...good thing Bluefly has a liberal return policy of three months... I have another veneta, the medium black coming today...(yes, this forum has definitely ENABLED me to purchase my first two VENETAS! :nuts: ) I have a newborn so it is difficult to get around to taking and posting pics just yet, but I agree w/u that the only way to truly ease my mind is to soon post some pics!
  11. Mintpearl:

    I think your purse is authentic. I however wish all the interiors were light blue. Kind of like the Wolfe ovens!

  12. just got my medium black Veneta and it is GORGEOUS!!! I haven't had a chance to really examine it up close....but will very soon!!! Looks like the real deal again!
  13. mintpearl - I was looking at the Noce Veneta on bluefly too and found this old thread.

    What did you end up doing? Did you keep the Noce? Do you feel it was authentic?

    advice needed!

    TIA! :flowers:
  14. I did keep it! I really feel it HAS to be has a same colored lining...that was the only thing that threw me off since I knew I saw noches with blue lining on pics on tPF! But even the lining is sooo luxurious...feels and smells like BV...has authenticity tag, and all the correct markings! Someone did say something about some noches having this colored lining....
  15. I came SO CLOSE to buying this bag, but I hesitated (and we all know what happens then...)

    My two reservations were:

    a). Should I get a different model BV since I already have a Veneta (although it's my favorite BV shape).

    b). Should I get another Veneta in ebano, since I usually have darker bags.

    Humm, just a few thoughts....