Noce -- describe it please

  1. How would you describe noce?
    What does the color remind you of?
    What are the undertones? yellow? pink? blue?
  2. Noce is a rich honey brown...not too dark and not too light. Bluefly often calls it walnut. NM calls it tan. In my opinion it goes with's a great everyday handbag color and works for all seasons. If you look at a jar of honey that has aged slightly, that's the color.
  3. the color reminds me of the color of dark coffee w/some milk stirred into it. a caramel color and very nice for autumn, though it really is a color that can be worn throughout the year.
  4. Yummy descriptions!
  5. When I think of aged honey, I see an orange tint. Yet coffee with milk is more taupey.
    Isn't it interesting how differently we interpret color. I am really sensitive to color and the noce is complex.

    I find carmine to also be very complex; red in general is hard to describe accurately. The carmine is simply gorgeous, and I am not a huge red fan.

    A few months ago I was having trouble visualizing the difference between ebano and moro. One of the experienced tPFers described it this way: moro is dark chocolate and ebano is milk chocolate. That worked for me.

    The depth and complexity of BV colors is one of the many reasons I simply love this brand!
  6. [​IMG]



  7. awww, jane, your super lovely pics capture the beauty so well!!

    but I must resist! noce is not my colour, no, no, it isn't!! ahhh, help!!
  8. hi bags'rus, i would describe noce as a rich caramel. somehow the pictures always seem lighter than the actual shade irl.
  9. Noce is the colour of my beagles' ears!!!!
  10. Great answer BookerMoose

    Its probably the color of my Border Terrier's ears too!
  11. Noce = beagle ears!
  12. this is noce umbria.
    noce cabat.jpg
  13. jane!!!

    your beautiful pics again!!!

  14. i had to close this thread before i get tempted on anything noce.

    those pics from jane and annie99999 aren't helping me to stay away from it though...argh!
  15. annie9999, that noce umbria bag is gorgeous!!!