Nobody would trust me!!!

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  1. ...when some weeks ago I wrote about a new denim bag.
    And the message was cancelled.
    Well, now you can see the bag on le LV site, is the denim neo cabby.
    And, just to say it, I saw the cruise collection 2008 (I direct an editorial unit), a similar bag will be made in 2 different shades of a new mini monogram!

    SO, I don't tell lies
  2. Yep it was moved and there are 4 pages in it, if you can't find a thread you posted go to your profile by clicking on your avatar and them click on find threads by this user this will give you a list and help you find your threads if they been moved.

    It's not that nobody believed you this bag was mentioned before your thread in the fall winter summary so lots of us knew it was coming already, we believe!!! (and would be happy for more info)
  3. Yup, your thread is still there... 4 pages so far :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.