Nobody will answer! Please help!

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  1. It takes time for our authenticators to read and view each entry in the authenticity thread and posting here will only get your thread closed.

    I'm no expert but will have to go with FAKE. Everything looks off, including the price. I'm betting they weren't a gift either.
  2. ^^ I was thinking that they were a gift... which means who knows where they are from. I never trust an item that wasn't personally purchased by the seller.

    Although, I appreciate her (the sellers) honesty in telling us.
  3. I'm no expert either but they look pretty fake
  4. Sometimes they say gift to get out of disclosing the real whereabouts, or to claim the gift giver would never purchase a fake.
  5. ^^ Makes sense. :yes: Thanks!
  6. Mon already answered your question on the Authenticate This Chanel thread.
  7. I've never seen Chanel sunglasses that looked like that, I also think they are fakes.
  8. it's very disrespectful for you to start a new thread when you know you shouldn't hundreds-thousands of people post in that thread, none of them get this special privilege.
    Be patient. . . and maybe a little more gracious.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.