Nobody was home, Courier left the package at the door!

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  1. Well, I'm not really looking for any advice at this point but just wanted to share. Here is the situation......
    I saw a bag on ebay that I wanted. Seller has a stellar reputation. The seller only lives about an hour or so from me so I bid and won. Paid for it straight away (Friday). Thought the seller would ship by postal service on Monday and that I would receive it on Tuesday. When I hadn't heard from the seller nor received a tracking number and it had not arrived by yesterday (Wednesday) I contacted her and asked what was up.
    To my surprise, she replied that she was not able to send it until Tuesday and that she had sent it by courier. The courier records indicate that it was delivered to my house on Wednesday about noon. Here's the thing though, I was out of town all day Wednesday and nobody was home. So I asked if she could let me know more details i.e. a copy of the signature or anything else. She checked into it and says that the courier just left it at my door. A $1300 bag was left at my door! I didn't think that these kind of things were done by couriers. I thought that if nobody was home, they would leave a card and/or return the next day.
    So anyway, there was not anything at my door yesterday. I have checked my back door, in my garage and nothing. I am going to go check with my neighbors and my kids when they get home from school, but I am just sick about this.
    To top it off the seller has told me that she has a very ill husband and needs to focus on him right now. She is doing the best she can, and has contacted the courier company and filed a claim already but I'm still in a state of shock to learn that the courier apparently left the parcel unattended at my door! It would have been a fairly large box and if left at my front door, would have been on view for anybody walking by to see. I hope this can get resolved asap.
  2. She has to prove that it was delivered. If she already filed a claim with the courier service? you could wait until she figures that one out. I would file a claim with paypal. I wouldn't feel too guilty about the sick husband maybe he is & God bless him. But.... did he just become ill after all the listings were posted? Life happens but I have heard just about every sob story known to man from buyers & sellers. I'm sure there is maybe one I haven't heard....... people never cease to amaze me..............
  3. sorry Cyndee just realized you weren't looking for advice:shrugs: Helps if I actually retain what I read:smile:
  4. She's out of luck. Any purchase over $200 requires signature confirmation. Delivery confirmation isn't good enough. If no one signed for it, you could file a claim with Paypal for non-delivery and you will win. I understand wanting to wait to see if it turns up first, but I wouldn't wait too long to file a claim for a missing $1300 bag.
  5. ^^ If it's a courier service, they also could have possibly signed for it themself. It's happened before! If that did happen, then they are in the wrong and a claim should be processed favorably.
  6. Well i agree this is not good!!!! Id be freaking out. I hope this works out for you. Im so sorry.
  7. Yikes. I hope this gets resolved asap!
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    I'm going to give her the chance to figure this out first. I got a call from the courier company already and they told me that they had changed their system recently and that the sender can now choose to request a signature or opt out. He told me that the sender sent somebody else to the depot to send the parcel and they were the one that chose to opt out. He said that the sender made an error by doing that and should have requested the signature. If they had done that, then the driver would not have left the package at the door and would have left a card instead. I just sure hope she insured the package. If nothing gets resolved this way, then I guess I will have to go to plan B and file a Paypal claim.
  9. I know....I hear you. I always want to believe that people are basically honest and give her a chance to figure this out. She didn't waste any time getting on the issue and responding to my emails. She has been very co-operative and reasonable so far. I figure it's best to stay calm and work together towards getting it resolved as quickly as possible. It is stressful though.
  10. this is bad esp when she really send out the things and now has to take care of her ill husband. and bidder didnt get the items. very terrible situation. i wonder who will opt out of leave at door step. maybe because the person that posted doesnt have much experience abt package services. hope things will work up well for both of u.
  11. So sorry this happened to you. I would be frantic that a $1300 bag was out there someplace. I hope this gets resolved for you.
  12. It is nice that you are giving her a bit of time. It may show up in the next 24 to 48 hours. Otherwise, it will be on the seller to make this right. Nobody likes to see anybody lose that kind of money. Hopefully that won't be the case.
  13. I'm just praying that she insured it. Even if she did though because of the error in not requesting the signature, I am wondering if the insurance will cover it. I'd hate for her to take a loss but I can't afford to take a loss like that either.
  14. Cyndee, How nice of you to be so understanding and give this a chance to work itself out before pursuing a claim. That's very kind of you. I wish all buyers were as considerate as you. I honestly hope it shows up soon and is just as described so everything ends happily for everyone :smile:
  15. Me too echo, me too! As a seller myself, I guess I may be a bit more understanding than most. I do know that figuring these things out is a process and sometimes patience is a virtue when it comes to working with the shipping companies.