Nobody uses colored bags?

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  1. Is it just my town? RARELY do I see anyone using anything other than black, brown, beige, etc.. Never reds or any other color! Is it just me, me and my red bags?
  2. Fashion goes through cycles. There does seem to be a return to neutrals right now. Personally, I like mostly neutral bags but I also like the odd bright 'pop' colour bag too. Yesterday I was wearing an bright pink velour and snakeskin shoulder bag and all week I've been carrying a bright green bag to work.
  3. Sounds pretty!
    Since you're a mod, is there any way for me to edit the title of this thread? It was supposed to say "Nobody uses colored bags" :/
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  4. I do. I figure that if you only have one bag, or just a few, you would get them in neutral colors. Since I started getting a large collection of bags, my wardrobe has gotten more muted, with a lot of black, so my colorful bags look good with my clothes.

    I remember years ago, when I only carried one bag, I saw someone with a green bag, and I thought, "Why did she pick that color?" It didn't occur to me that some people had more than one bag, maybe several in different colors.
  5. Perhaps

    @Elliespurse @CobaltBlu @littlerock

    can help
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  6. IMG_0147.JPG
    Black and Beige are pretty much the go to colours here in West Oz. We are very isolated though.

    So when I see a Red bag it is quite a knockout.
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  7. Seattle is VERY much "colorless". Everyone is in black and grey, rarely brown. Anyone "in color," like myself, tends to stick out. (Especially me when I'm in my purple trench coat)
    Exception is football season, when there are plenty of people in the Seahawks colors of navy and lime green.
  8. Social media and bags on resale sites have made me more aware of color transfer, so I rarely buy color anymore for that reason.
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  9. Is that Oroton?
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  10. i do!!! :biggrin:

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  11. I see lots of people carrying coloured and bright bags. I think it’s fairly evenly split between colour and neutrals around where I live.
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  12. Take a look at the Hermès forum! A lot of gorgeous bags in stunning colors there!
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  13. Oh I love that Pink Balenciaga O...and Im not a pink fan at all...and the pop of green is fab.
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  14. Ive found that Ive thrifted more dark coloured bags lately but I always go back to a orange Le Pliage makes me happy....I find with the dark coloured bags they have dark interior fabrics as well and I find it really hard to see inside and can never find my keys.
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