Nobody knows Guya Mariani???

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  1. Im very new to this forum, but seems like I fit like a glove!

    I tried doing a search to (in my opinion) on of the best Handbags and Accessories makers EVER: Guya Mariani, Milano. (i think its xx Quality here CAN NOT even compare to LV, BV etc. etc. This is fashion at its truest standard. (No, I have no affiliation whatsoever, other than Im a customer)

    If your into this stuff like myself YOU HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT. Maybe it might be a touch out of price range for most of you but they only sell to very high level customers. I know Guya from my hubby and we met her and her staff a couple of times in Milano. If you need an introduction (she accepts customers with a certain discretion as she does not want to mass produce etc.) I may be able to help. (no promises).

    However, I'm shocked this forum of talented shoppers hasn't yet looked into this.

    Feel free to email me.
  2. I checked out the site. Your use of English in your messages is very much like that of the site you're promoting. Plus, most of your posts are about this brand and you're new to the forum. I think you're associated with the company.

  3. wow... i have NOTHING to do with the company (wish i did). So funny that you say most of my posts are the same jargon of that website... interesting.

    Seems to me these types of bag are just a touch out of your price range and you might be in a jealous mode??. The day you will be able to afford it, check it out.
    Can you spell PARANOIA?

  4. Not crazy about the designs, mostly exotics?. Don't know if it's out of my price range, since I don't see prices on the site. Bad website design, imho, as well; if you're friendly with her you might want to give her a heads-up.

  5. Good feedback, although Im not "friendly" I guess I could mention it to them next time i visit Milan as the website does suck.

    Prices range in the 5000-25000USD and they are usually limited collection. I think that shops such as Guya's are expensive bcs of the detail involved, and the assurety of the skins (unlike many commercial stuff). She had pret-a-porter with Zac Posen and A. Mqueen also, so its a touch out of the commercial stuff circulating around.
  6. If they charge that much they could probably afford a good web-designer. Some pictures just show blank. Navigation is horrible.
  7. are you smoking crack?

    Also, cut out the snotty private messages to people. . . seems like we may not be the right fit for you w/ that attitude:nogood:
  8. Thanks, Swanky Mama. In fact, I wonder if that whole site is some kind of scam. First, the use of the poster's English (and that of the web site) does not sound like an Italian using English as a second language. It sounds more like an Eastern European. (And this is is no way a critique of those who use English as a second language. I am in AWE of the women on this forum who post in English as a second language.)

    But there' s just something that doesn't ring true. First she claims to know the designer, then she says she is not "friendly" with her. Also, if you search for that designer's name, you only find the web site and the posts on this forum, i.e., nothing about Zac Posen etc. If she were really working with them, there would be more info on the Web.
  9. The website is terrible, and i agree.....very fishy!
  10. humm, i wouldn't even be surprised if the user "rich" is this Guya Mariani "designer", the bags look like they're made out of fake exotic skins and im surprised that they claim to have a "chinese" language mode on the website. fishy fishy because if the bags are indeed as expansive as "rich" claims, the general chinese population wouldn't be remotely interested in those bags. maybe because the bags are made in china? i wonder...:confused1:
  11. I was thinking the same thing, i.e., that Rich, who claims to have a hubby, is affiliated with the site.
  12. Horreible navigation on the site and the design just reminds me on other big designers eg.g there's a bag which looks like the lady dior, like a hermes bolide and victoria.
    So nothing new and nothing very interesting.
  13. WOW!!!

    Sorry for belated replies but was off for a week (Tahaa)... see if some of you even know where it is...:yahoo:

    I am impressed by the level of menagerie that the masses throw upon me, i guess I must deserve this. But its really unwarranted and of small nature, which seems most of the above posters are habitual offenders.

    I apologize for having tried to introduce an artist and purse maker like GM bcs now I feel ashamed to have spilled GM's name amongst such classy forum. I must admit that I do not belong amongst you, and ap;ologize for having taken dear internet computer time from freaks and geeks thinking of life in the form of a label.

    Wishing you well, and a piece of advice: do not assume everything you think bcs its thanks to people like you that WE can be rich.

    THANK YOU.:heart:
  14. she's too much!!!!
  15. We're not buying so go away!
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