Nobody has this bag.

  1. Its a gold limited edition Marc Jacobs bag:drool: ! I have seen itdoes anybody have the pic and official price of it as well as the measurements i am definately going to buy it if its still available:yes: ! i have searched all over for still cannot find it.
  2. limited edition. Can you describe more what this bag looks like?
  3. Yes, a better description would help. MJ has done several gold bags, both quilted and non-quilted.
  4. do you mean the gold multipocket? i had that bag, but i sold it. im pretty sure it was limited edition. but then again mj has done many metallic bags. what gold bag in particular are you looking for?
  5. OMG heatfelt, you were a proud owner of my "holy grail" MJ bag?!?! I friggin LOVE that gold MP- I'm constently on the lookout for it.
  6. sorry bad description! lol it looked quilted and it had the clip thingy at the top if you show a pic i'd know which 1 it was
  7. Clip thing?

    Maybe you mean a kisslock? If it's a frame bag, then it's probably the gold stam?
  8. [​IMG]
  9. its the bag up above but the 1 i want is in gold limited edition so who has a pic, measurments and the official price
  10. ^ That's the bronze stam from spring 2006.
    Measurements are about 16 x 11 x 6
    Retail is $1275 I believe.

    Most likely this bag is sold out at dept stores, you could probably try calling the MJ boutique to see if they still have it available.