Nobody has the popinourt Long?

  1. I haven't seen any member with this bag. Do you think it's nice? Is it supposed to go across the body? I have the Pop Haut and I love it. I'm just looking for another cute mono bag.
  2. Hi Spylove,

    I just ordered the popincourt haut. Glad to hear that you love it. Do you use it everyday and does it fit a lot of stuff in it?
  3. I've checked it out at the LV boutique last year and it was really really WIDE, horizontal and BAR-like..........iono, I'm quite petite (5'2 and 97lbs) so it didn't really suit me
  4. Hi gucci gal,
    Congrats on your POP H. It is a great bag, I don't carry a ton of stuff so it's a good size bag for me. I think it's a perfect size for every day use. It's very practical with the zipper and shoulder straps.
    it looks weird huh? I guess I'll have to check it out, I'm not too optmisitic about it now.
  5. A woman at work has it and it really looks great on her - but she's probably at least 5'10" and pretty substantial body type. I could see it being the wrong proportions for a petite figure.

    She gets a lot of compliments on it - it's not a style you see that often IRL.
  6. :shrugs: I'm only 5'3!
    Does she wear it across the body or on the side?
  7. I've only seen her wear it on the side. Like I said, she's pretty tall, so she can pull it off that way.
  8. I've had the Popincourt Long since about January, and I love it. I always wear it across the body, although you can also shorten the strap to wear it over the shoulder as well. (I am 5'4'')

    I primarily use this bag for casual situations/weekends when I want to have both hands free (like when I'm shopping) or when I'm somewhere where I might not want to put my bag down on the ground or floor (like at an outdoor sporting event, in a pub bar, etc.) I think it is an extremely useful bag; next to my Batignolles Horizontal, I probably use this LV the most. I highly recommend that you try it out. Good luck!
  9. Ok, now I'm excited again! :yahoo: I'm going to check it out this weekend when I go in to check if my damier speedy is defective :confused1: because of the staining from the lining.