No YSL in-store refunds

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I recently bought a lou camera bag and was unhappy with it and took it back to the saint laurent store for a refund. Turns out the stores don't offer refunds when everything online says YSL does accept refunds. Turns out YSL only accepts refunds for online purchases. I feel completely taken advantage of because this was never relayed to me. Has anyone else had this issue and gotten a refund or have any advice?
  2. Have you tried returning the product online? Sounds like you totally could.
  3. I know!! I bought something in store a few weeks ago, I was shocked when I got home and saw on the bottom of my receipt that you only get store credit and it has to be within 30 days with the tags still on. I saw another post that the San Francisco store only allows a return for store credit within 10 days. I too will only order online going forward or buy from Neimans, Saks, etc where you can return items for a refund.
  4. @hephephippo You can only return online if you bought online :sad:
  5. Wow that blows! I am so sorry :sad: guess it's time to only buy online or department stores now.
  6. The difference is likely due to the fact that online and in store are totally separate operations. However, even online doesn't allow sale returns.

    Kinda like if you shop Hirshleifers in store (no refund) as opposed to through their online shopping (via farfetch with refunds).
  7. Did not know that and frankly it's shocking given that they are supposed to be luxury. How does this tie in with having a luxurious experience for customers? :confused1:

    I do like their designs and fortunately have no issue so far but I will be extra cautious if I buy from them again.
  8. Yep this is their in store policy. You only get store credit.
  9. This is also the case for Hong Kong. People call Hong Kong shopper’s paradise, but I really don’t get why. For 99.9% of the shops you can’t return or refund. I believe that’s the case for most of the luxury brands in HK as well.
  10. It's why I only purchase YSL from Neiman's or Saks (with the exception in the event I can't find it anywhere else AND I know I'm keeping it)..
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  11. Fendi is even worse. 14 days for store credit or exchange only and in pristine shape. No refunds except when purchased online.
    Hermes is also 30 days for exchange or store credit only. No refunds.
    The fashion houses get away with it because there is high demand for their products.
    LV is 14 days for a full refund and 30 days for an exchange only so they actually sound generous.
  12. I’m not happy with my Lou camera bag that I bought yesterday either. Can’t get a refund and I’m devastated
  13. Chanel is the same isn’t it? No refunds no matter what you buy or how much you spend. Always ask specifically before buying if they offer full refunds not just store credit.
  14. thats totally normal and a good Thing to me. every bigger brand does it like that.
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  15. Hermes does offer refunds when purchased online and returned online. I think they only allow one return per customer.

    I think the boutiques credit returns, in lieu of a refund because of commissions paid to employees, and keeping their income consistent. At this point, most luxury boutique sales in department stores allow returns, but that too may change.

    Merchandise is usually accepted for a return because the employees tend to work for the department store, not the luxury company. Employee commissions are always fluctuating. Nordstrom is changing their ways (to à Galleries LaFayette model) and other stores are following their lead. Every company they carry is getting floor space (kind of like their own pop-up shop) and the sales people are paid by the brand, not by Nordstrom. No holds. Restrictions on returns- you are unable to return items without giving your E Mail address at the time of purchase. And, my favorite, they can deny luxury handbag returns because store employees are not allowed to authenticate- tacky customers are purchasing bags, swapping them for super fakes they return to the store, where the SA can’t tell the difference.

    I’m am soooooooo careful with my purchases now.
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