No Yellow At Balny*****just A Rumor.

  1. Just spoke with Daisy and she said that it is a bad rumor. She said that they are all irritated with calls, etc. I said sorry :sad: Though she was very nice and asked if I would post this so that everyone would know that it is just not true, only a nasty rumor. :sad:
  2. Thanks for the info, saves me a phone call!!!!
  3. I know when I was dealing with Joseph (R.I.P) he said they hate it when they get bombarded with PF people calling constantly with wrong info being spread on here. I could see how it would drive anyone crazy I guess.
  4. Thanks for setting the record straight. I am actually glad that yellow isn't out yet, because I need to take a break from buying bags. :smile:
  5. This insanity caused me to have yellow bbag dreams all night long! In my dream my husband had a mistress and she got it before me and the coin purse I wanted, but when I saw it in person it was so fugly! I was so glad that I didn't have the big bbag bill for the girlfriends stuff only to receive that my husband paid for it! Horrible nightmare! I was kinda wondering if the whole thing was B.S.
  6. I just talked to daphne at Balny because I needed to order some tassles. So, I mentioned the violet? She said she has no idea where people are coming up with these colors, because they no nothing about them? So is this all just a rumor? or is there going to be a violet and juane???
  7. I know that there will definitely be a Juane, that is what the Paris Balenciaga confirmed, though not sure about violet....The Paris store said that i could get the Juane in mid June.
  8. Thanks Romie, at least i won't ask daisy from balNY on the above....or else she will said i'm another irritated customer with unnecessary enquiry....;)

  9. huh??? now I'm confused... that's french for yellow isn't it?
  10. ^Yes, so yellow is confirmed, but not violet, it seems :yes:

  11. ehhe ur dream made me chuckle! :p
  12. Just had a feeling this was misinformation.
  13. These SA's should go work somewhere else..they are ALWAYS irritated at something or someone inquiring about their products..Sheesh, it's their job to inform and get loads of calls w/ questions!! sorry, had to rant about BalNY..not a big fan..