No Window Desk ? That'll Cost You $33.000.000.. Suit

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  1. A secretary who claims she suffers from the "winter blues" has demanded over $33million in compensation because she was not given a desk near a window.
    Caryl Dontfraid is suing her ex-employers for the huge sum after being fired for refusing to work at her desk.
    The 35 year old said she suffers from seasonal affective disorder which causes depression.
    The problem can be eased by exposure to bright light.

    But Miss Dontfraid said her request to sit near a window or a well lit area was rejected by bosses of the New York law firm where she worked.
    According to legal papers, Miss Dontfraid was considered a "exemplary employee" at the law firm which specialised in disability claims.
    She first asked to be allowed to work at home, and when this was rejected requested to be moved next to a window.
    After she refused to sit at her desk, which the law firm claim was three feet from a window, she was sacked. Her supervisor David Hill, at law firm Binder and Binder, said: "She just refused to take her work station. What was I going to do? Workers have to work."
  2. Oh geez. That is funnier than the guy who filed worker's comp (this really happened at my former employer) for "repetitive motion injury" due to "having to travel extensively and therefore not able to engage in adequate marital relations with spoule". You got it, the alledged "repetitive motion injury" was cause by....yep, you guessed!! His worker's comp case was denied.
  3.'s kinda ironic that she is suing a law firm...

    is this case even going to end up in the courts?
  4. $33 mil?? :rolleyes:
  5. I will shocked if it does. :nuts:
  6. this is such a ridiculous lawsuit. it makes me wonder what happened to the lawsuit where the judge sued the korean drycleaners for several million...
  7. How can a secratary work form home? Some people are just so ridiculous.
  8. :rolleyes: I'm glad they fired that idiot.
  9. Thats ridiculous - really hope she doesn't suceed:nogood:
  10. me too!!...thanks fors posting anyways! :yes:
  11. it seems like people these days will find any excuse to sue others. this is ridiculous especially for the amount that it's going for.
  12. ITA! good point :tup:
  13. jeez som people will do anything for money..
  14. I don't think "winter blues" is the only mental problem she suffers from...
  15. A little dramatic are we?