No White After Labour Day ??

i grew up believing that you aren't supposed to wear white after labor day...and to this day i don't, with the exception of white tennis shoes. I won't carry white bags...nothing. I just can't break myself out of this habit...when you've got old southern ways, it's hard to turn your back on the thoughts.
I will carry white bags and wear white shirts but I don't wear white shoes (b/c I personally don't like white shoes), or white pants b/c I feel funny wearing them.

The rule that I break is I will wear for example: Brown slacks with a black shirt or sweater, but I have to have on black shoes and a black coat to over power the no-no of black and brown together, to make it ok.
I also grew up with the "no white after Labor Day" rule, and up until recently didn't have much white in my wardrobe so it wasn't an issue. But now I have a white bag and am eyeing some white Tod's moccasins, and it's been 80 degrees here, so I may be breaking out the white stuff soon.

Other rules that were drilled into me:
  • Don't mix black and brown (I do this now, usually accessorize with leopard print shoes or scarf to tie together)
  • Bags and shoes should match (Ha!)
  • Don't mix prints, no stripes with florals, etc. (I still don't do this...I will only wear one item of clothing with print at a time, not including my bag)
  • Always wear clean underwear when going out in case you get in an accident and G-d forbid the ambulance driver should see you have dirty underwear! :P
  • Red nail polish makes you look "cheap." (again, Ha!)
i'm kinda the same as allison... i only wear white sneakers i don't wear white pants or really white purses at anytime during the year because i don't like the way they look.
I live in the South - the white rule after Labor Day and before Easter is a no go here. It's already been 80 degrees here this year!!!
I do not however, mix black and navy! :shudder:
I wouldn't wear white pants when its cold as for tops, i think its okay. Also there is a term as winter white! I think its okay if you do it with it taste and obviously don't over do it.
Well, I grew up in Russia and there is no Labour Day there!!!:blink: We wore winter white or white in the winter quite often. I never even knew about this rule till we moved to North America.:wacko:
being from the south, i was born and bred with the 'no white before memorial day or after labor day' rule stuck in my head, but it's really stupid. it gets warm here months before that and stays warm months after, and breezy white skirts are my favorite article of clothing ever, and i'm going to wear them early and often!
ok, since i'm on the other side of the world, can someone please tell me why not to wear white after labour day?

over here labour day is a day off to celebrate the 'new' working hours...

thanks ;)