No Weekender for me :(

  1. Ladies and Gent -

    I am so sad at the moment .....I have been saving up for a Cafe or Truffle Weekender for the last two months - taking lunch to work, not going out (aka drinking) and really curtailing my shopping.

    Low and behold, I get a call from my Grandmother this weekend to chat. She was talking how the matress she has in the retirement community is really uncomfortable but she doesn't have the funds to buy a new one. Now anyone who knows me, knows that I love my Grandmother more than anything in the world -- she raised me and is my heart. I told her to order the matress and and I would pay for it. Well she got the price confused on the style because what she thought was $800 was really $1600.

    Well I couldn't tell her "no" so my BBag mad money went to 1-800 Mattress for a Serta bed for Grammy. :sad:

    I know it was the right decision and I would do it again in a heart beat, but that just means I am basically about 6 months away from the Weekender now since my little nest egg included my fat tax return.

    I feel awful for feeling sad over a material object but it just sucks...totally sucks!

    Thanks for letting me however if anyone has any great pictures of Cafe, Truffle or Greige Weekenders in action, it would cheer me up!
  2. awe, you did good Clake & don't worry, one day your WE will come :tender:
  3. oh clake, you're incredibly sweet! that was wonderfully nice of you. don't worry - your weekender will find you soon :smile:
  4. What you did is more rewarding than buying yourself a Balenciaga Weekender.

    I'm sure you'll get your Weekender.
  5. That was a beautiful thing that you did, your grandmother would appreciate that so much! Your weekender will come and you will enjoy it that much more when you finally get it :yes:
  6. clake! you are the sweetest most loveable respectable wonderful man! You did the RIGHT thing! And that feeling know that you did something that your grammy really appreciates... you can't replace that!!!!
  7. that is the sweetest thing ever!!! you made the right choice, and good things come to those who wait. i am sure you'll have a weekender really soon!!
  8. Thank you for the kind words ladies....

    I know I did the right thing and its only a bag. I guess it just sucks in that my head was in the clouds dreaming when I should have been paying attention to reality. I should look at it as a blessing that I have the money to help my Grammy cause I don't know what I would have done if I had not had the cash lying around.

    If I plan right in about 10 months I will be able to buy a brand new men's Weekender -- so that is like $150 per month. So I just need to be focused and tell myself that its only $150 a month or $40 a week that I need to save.
  9. You did the right thing...

    You will have your Weekender in no time... as well as your Gran thinking you are THE BEST ever...

    Very sweet

  10. remember something called karma if you do good actions, later good things comes back to you! well done, you very nice
  11. Clarke, your Grammy is lucky to have you!
  12. u never know! maybe that money will fall in your lap somehow :smile: someone returning a loan, winning some cash in a raffle or whatever, I believe that God will repay you for your deed that way :smile: just wait and see!!!
  13. clake, that's very sweet ...
    i believe good karma will be coming to your way :yes:
    your grandma is very lucky to have you...
  14. did good! ;) Good karma will come your way & just to be very selfish & vain in my thinking... maybe (most likely) when you have the $$ to buy a Weekender the New Season (whichever season it is) will have a colour you love even more than the Cafe, Truffle or Greige:love:
  15. Clarke..that is sooo sweet of you :smile:. i agree with everyone here-- good karma will come to you..and your grandma is soo lucky to have someone like you!