NO WAY!! How did this happen??!!!

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  1. I highly doubt the seller is actually gonna go through with the sale for $1....if he does, he's an idiot. lmao
  2. I'd be really curious!!! I don't sell, but for those who do: is it worth taking the negative feedback? It WAS a NR auction.

    I'm still in shock!!
  3. Wow! Why couldn't it have been me :smile:

  4. Did this item run for the full auction? I highly doubt it did. Seller must have ended the item early.. for what reason I dont know.
  5. Maybe the buyer and seller reached an agreement on the price and the seller ended the auction to sell it outside ebay..???
  6. I don't know? Doesn't it usually say at the top "seller ended auction early" or something like that? It just says "this item has ended".


  7. I dont know if it says that any more. Ebay is getting shady LOL. Anyway, it doesnt matter how beat up an LV is, it would never end for 99 cents.

  8. Well, it ended (with the sold price) in green, and I'm pretty sure if the auction is stopped early it appears in red.
  9. That's what it looks like to me - [​IMG]

    z***z[​IMG]( 1176) US $0.99 Jan-25-10 22:08:40 PST

    Starting Price US $0.99 Jan-25-10 20:30:13 PST

    Ended:Jan 25, 201022:13:40 PST

    Look at the difference in times. Go go fee avoidance !
  10. Sounds like fee avoidance to me. I do sell my pieces, and there's NO WAY that I'd let one go for $.99. :nuts:
  11. One time a seller listed a Chanel tote for $138 instead of 1,380. I did a BIN, but she would not let me have it. I understand why but I have been bummed ever since.
  12. Can you explain to me how that works? Sorry, I'm not familiar with that term. Thanks!

  13. "Fee avoidance" is a term that eBay uses for Sellers who try to avoid, or "circumvent," paying fees on the site. There are a number of ways that eBay polices the listings that are active; they watch for auctions in which an item is being sold for dirt cheap but the seller is charging an outrageous amount for shipping (which eBay doesn't get a percentage of), someone listing an item but then ending the auction to sell it outside of eBay (another no-no), etc.

    So, to sell an authentic item like LV for $.99 with free shipping, and then the auction ends early? Sounds like a scam, and someone trying to avoid paying fees to me...

    Here is the link to eBay's explanation of their policy:
  14. there was an item that the seller listed at $0.99 that i wanted it. i had bought another from the same seller before for $60 so i offered $63 but the seller said no. i am not sure if it is few avoidance as the buyer doesnt pay the few, sometimes people want an item... i wanted to complete a set, and sometimes, the buyer wants to get the item for less than its worth... etc

    well i wasnt trying to avoid the seller paying a few in my case i just wanted that second cup.