No way hermes you got to be kidding

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  1. #1 Apr 26, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2016
    Something that you dislike hate ugly not worthy a cent
    Stupid crappy
    Name yours you never part your money
    Its personal opinions and preferences
    Dont flame lol

    For me

    Usb thumb drive stick
    Expensive with minimum memory
    Concentrate on bags
    It not your game
    Hello h

    Now your turn
    Btw i really love hermes haha but not everything
  2. For me, it would be that thingamajig you wrap your earbuds around. It's not that I find it ugly, but I know I wouldn't spend the money on it or use it. I would rather save the money and put it toward something more significant.
  3. Arlequin pencil. a $105 pencil. seriously.
  4. DH hates the silk postcards
  5. +1 on that lol
    no way am i sharpening that if i got it
  6. The 12 pages coloring book that is $170

  7. My thoughts exactly.
  8. ipad cover which is more expensive than the actual ipad - for that reason already it does not make sense to me.
    then DH once got fascinated by a valet (not sure you call it same in french vs english), hanger stand for the dressing. It was a beautiful work of art - but it costed around 13000 EUR. Does DH need it? nope.
  9. Ditto
  10. This salesperson tried to sell me a wood rocking horse (I was pregnant at the time), it was $8k+. I told her we are using the baby's brothers hand me down....
  11. I agree. The craft store sells leather scraps. I can make one for less than a dollar. I can probably make five for less than a dollar.

  12. This
  13. #13 Apr 27, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2016
    I think the petit h surprise over at the US website is a little over the top. Shopping at Sevres for petit h is great since you will get to choose which item you like. But spending hundreds to even a thousand dollars for something you may or may not like? Unless you have money to burn... to each his own...
  14. post it holder
  15. a beautiful set of travel Chess games made in barenia leather, the crafts is exquisite but practicality~~~ close to none..........
    the board is a piece of barenia leather being rolled up, you could hardly lay flat to play the chess
    and not to mention about the price....... it's Euro3500.......ON SALE
    it had been there since the last 3 Hermes sale in Paris, likely it'll still be there.