No Waiting List? Cheaper Birkins?

  1. Dear Birkinophiles,

    I would like for you all to search your souls(and not your pocketbooks!). It was just a thought that crossed my mind.

    IF the Birkin did NOT have a waiting list and if it didn't have a 9000 US Dollar price tag, would we buy it or be quite so obsessed with it? I have been asking myself this question for the longest time. now don;t get me wrong...heheh, I have two birkins, both 40cm, a HAC 45, the Herbag and Garden Party; and have just placed an order for another Birkin 40. So I'm barking-mad about Hermes as well. I would like to hear what the rest of you might have to say.
  2. I would still want one because of the history, the lovely colors (the only other line that comes near Hermes for colors is Balenciaga) and the leathers... but that being said, I'm not sure if I would have picked it as my big "achievement" present.

    Beyond the quality and workmanship, one of the reasons I wanted a Birkin its subtle recognition as a "status" bag, and part of that allure is tied into the limited availability, etc...

    So yes, I'd still want one... but if it wasn't so exclusive, I would probably have gone with a car as my big present!
  3. i would enjoy hermes a little more without that stuff actually. i think your question will get different answers because to some those are a pro and to some those are a con.
    and i'm about to post separately why i love hermes, and it has nothing to do with either point you bring up.
  4. I would still want one too - it's just a great all-round bag and even if you do away with the waiting time, the house brand and the history still beckons...look at LV bags - they don't have the waiting time and the high price ranges, but people still go bonkers over their bags.
  5. I like the Birkin because of it's timeless and classic shape
    A simple beauty! So hard to find these days
  6. I had to think a while before answering your question. Yes, I would still continue to buy Hermes if it weren't so exclusive. But I had to come up with a good reason as to why. The answer is simple, it's just a well made bag. The first time I touched an Hermes bag, it was a sellier Kelly and I remember thinking this purse was built like a suitcase. No other company can hold a candle to their craftsmanship. Also, the touch, feel, and smell of Hermes leathers is second to none. Hermes has leathers that, literally, feel like silk and have a heavenly aroma. And no other leathers age as gracefully as Hermes leathers. When you buy an Hermes bag, you're buying a legacy.
  7. It's a difficult hypothetical question to answer.... because the premium you are paying comes along with the following:
    a) completely handmade from best leathers
    b) excellent craftsmanship (and the training that Hermes invests in its craftsmen/women
    c) post purchase servicing for the life of the bag

    If hermes could provide all of the above and reduce their prices by half without compromising quality, I would not think twice about buying any bag that takes my fancy.. whereas now I am very selective about my purchases coz of the high price...

    The reality is, Hermes is a profit making company not a charity organisation and it has to make economic sense for them.... IMO, a reduction in price will very likely result in some compromise along the way
  8. I do admit that the exclusivity of the birkin makes it more attractive.

    However, its really the design and quality that won my heart :heart:

    The Kelly or Garden Party does not have a waitlist, but I love them because the workmanship is exquisite !

    Anything Hermes is TDF including the scarves ;)
  9. When I frist wanted a Kelly - 16 years ago - there was no waiting list, and they were vastly yes!
  10. Hey I wanted the Birkin/Kelly thing for 20 years. At that time the waitlist wasn't so widespread. The thing that deterred me was the price. I simply couldn't afford it.

    The waitlist hasn't made me want a Birkin more. In fact, it's made me want it still IN SPITE OF the waitlist (usually I get turned off the whole It bag idea).

    It's the standard of build and the timelessness of the bag that attracts me.
  11. You girls and guys win! I'm gonna order another!!!! 45cm this time....
  12. I find the waiting list to be an annoyance, it doesn't make me want the bag any more than I previously wanted it. This is true for all the H bags.
  13. Yes I agree the waitlist thing is a bummer. ESPECIALLY when you order a bag thinking it costs around X$$$ and then when it arrives it costs Y$$$$$$$$$. I could do without waitlists and price hikes. I wouldn't mind cheaper Birkins (which would still be expensive of course... but cheaper....)

    Eric, will you go for the 45 with long or short handles?
  14. I'd like it more. The waitlist is pretty much the reason I haven't gotten one yet- I'm too much of an instant gratification kind of girl.
  15. For me, the wait list has been a huge turn OFF for me. If anything, the waitlist is making my interest in Hermes wane in the past couple weeks. I have been trying to get on that waitlist for quite some time now and frankly the mindgames that need to be played and the luck that is involved is just too much ... This is also why I hadn't been calling my SA lately. So in short, the waitlist definitely did not make me want the bag more, it simply made me more annoyed and impatient:upsidedown: