No Waayy..... Not another one!!!

  1. Thanks to a tip by a fellow pfer. I called the Rodeo store last Sunday and received the same song and dance about the waitlist. Maybe check back in April or May. blah blah. To which I replied, "but, my cousin said you had these items on display in the store. Are they not for sale then?" She came back quickly to ask to put me on hold for about 10 minutes. When she came back on the line, now this is what I found to be strange. The CSR said she will be transfering me to the Rodeo store which I did dialed direct. Anywhoo! I hope I will not be disappointed again! My new LV is here! Yay!:yahoo: I know it's not as special as all the Limited Editions out there or the much love Speedy and Batignolles...

    Well, without further adieu:

    P.S. I hope some PFers will enjoy.:flowers:
  2. Love the AZUR !!!!!!!
  3. So pretty! SAs sometimes can be sneaky like that.
  4. PINKI!!!! :yahoo: She is beautiful! I :heart: it! Congrats! Please wear her in good health!
    I know you hate to do it., but please will you model her for us?:yes:
  5. i love that I want one too can I see modelling pics??
  6. Very pretty! Congrats on your new purchase!:smile:
  7. love it, very pretty!!
  8. Yummy!
  9. Love love love Azur!!

    congrats!!! :flowers:
  10. Ooh that's pretty-congrats!!
  11. It's gorgeous! Congrats!
  12. So gorgeous, congrats!
  13. I won't be able to model pics until Sunday. Will be dropping dh off at Logan Intl and maybe if I don't get lost. Will be meeting up with fellow pfers at Copley! Only if I don't get lost, really. Would be my first trip out of the house!:shame:
  14. :yahoo: so pretty!! congrats!
  15. very nice! congrats! :yes: