no VPL possible without thongs?

  1. I don't like thongs so was wondering if anyone can recommend any underwear that would not show any lines at all under jersey skirts and dresses
  2. Anything seemless will solve the problem!:tup:

  3. seemless boy shorts are perfect for this! Since they'll come below that butt crease (for lack of a better term), you won't have to worry about the panty line if the dress hugs in that area at all. (VS body by victoria boy shorts :smile:)
  4. Spanx.
  5. ^ This is true! I found ones at Target that I love... They were really cheap, but they're they're comfy and invisible under clothes! Unlike other boyshorts I've tried, these don't ride up and give me VPL... They stay under the cheeks like they're supposed to :lol:
  6. Yes, the Target ones, I agree!!!!! (Boyshorts!)
  7. Another vote for boy shorts! Just make sure you get the right size, otherwise they'll ride up like mine LOL.
  8. Boy shorts are fantastic!
  9. i got a pair in the mail. they are a brief made my hanes in a very stretchy thin material. i am sure you can find them at target.
  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like thongs all the time. I like those VS panties pictured but I've never tried them. I have some Juicy boyshorts but the elastics sort of cuts into my sides and cause a bulge that can be unsightly.
  11. Commando. The only one true way not to get panty lines. On the few occasions i run into this problem it always works for me.
  12. ^I admit, I've had to go that approach a few times. Some of my dresses you can even see the THONG line.

    I have to try those seamless boy shorts. I've had the whole VPL problem for a while. I have regular boy shorts, but they're not seamless so you can see them underneath tight fitting clothes. Just gotta wait til the next VS Semi-Annual Sale!
  13. Gap Body has some seamless hipster (boyshort) panties that don't show lines that I love!
  14. You'll only end up with funky colors..
    If you need nudes/basics, 3/$30 is the way to go. They only place discontinued items on sale.