No Violet Day for me... But look what I came home with!

  1. My Violet Silver Giant HW Day had the worst leather. I went to NM to exchange her and fell head over heels in love with this baby... Introducing my lovely new Black brief with sgh. I'm in love.

  2. Now..... I have all reg. hw Violet bags here that I need to decide on.

    First ---- tooo small for me
    City -- lovely but should I wait for a giant?
    Part time -- leather is awful. Should I try for another ??

    Or should I get a violet money wallet or cp? Someone please help me.
  3. :woohoo: Congrats~ Nice bag :tup:

    :heart: Violet city....
  4. Gorgeous! Love the black brief w/sgh - congratulations!
  5. Congrats - stunning combination.
  6. gorgeous! congrats!

    violet city in RH? ;)
  7. Gorgeous brief~ love black with SGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love::love::love: Definitely get a violet bag!!!!~ it's too gorgeous a color not to get in a bag IMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Congrats! Love at first bag sight is great isn't it!! And I would get the money wallet for sure, I have one and use it daily. :flowers:
  9. that's a gorgeous bag! congrats!!
  10. it's gorgeous! violet city or cp!
  11. i love black with SGH, you can't go wrong with this combo, congrats!
  12. Congrats,I love the brief:heart::heart:!!Yours with SGH is especial!!!!Great Choice!
    I vote for Violet City or Work with SGH !!LOve LOve LOve:heart:
  13. Congrats, Z&J!

    We're now black gsh brief twins!!!

    I vote for violet rh! I've one and loving it deeply!
  14. Beautiful... get a CP to go with her!
  15. Gorgeous!