No Vernis Alma PM in Pomme?

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  1. How come there's no Vernis Alma PM in pomme?

    I apologize if this question is already posted somewhere but I tried the search a few times but i still got nothing.

    Just wondering. Thanks!
  2. LV had decided to discontinue the Pomme color and only made the Alma BB. I am sure a lot of people including myself wanted the Vernis Alma PM in Pomme. Yes, it is unfortunate. There will be a new cranberry color coming out in the Fall. Not sure if LV will make a Vernis Alma PM in the new color though. Maybe other TPFrs can verify?
  3. Sucks!!!
  4. Alma PM in Pomme would've been TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. ^yes, that would have been my dream bag.