No Used Cosmetics - what to do now?

  1. I'm an ex-makeup artist and I needed to clear out my stock. I listed quite a few items and had them all pulled because they were used. I was'nt aware of the new rule but oh well!

    I had foundations and eye shadows in every colour imaginable-which I'll never use in my lifetime! What should I do with them now? I spent so much money on it which I hate to see go to waste.
  2. Can you sell them on eBay?
  3. I can understand that it would not be okay....only because of the germ factor!! Could you not have a makeup party...invite would be a GREAT night!
  4. Yes, I totally understand why eBay wouldn't allow used make up to be sold. I like Sunshine's idea.
  5. What about a donation to a shelter for women or something like that and take a tax deduction? I don't know if there are restrictions on donating personal items like that. If they've been opened I can see the problem, but if some have been unopened, I don't see any issues.
  6. GREAT idea Boxermom! I think a womans shelter would be great.
  7. I know how you feel i'm a makeup artist to and i have so much make up that hasn't been used. It's suck how much i have. Why don't you give it to family and friends? Having a party is a good idea too.
  8. People sell used makeup lots on eBay all the time. Not all the auctions get pulled... its hit or miss
  9. I might be the only one who thinks this way, but used make-up to me is as bad as used panties :yucky:
  10. most of the shelter i know only accept new makeup or skincare. i have a bunch of used skincare that i dont want anymore and was gonna donate them, but i could not since they dont accept used stuff.
  11. We're you by any chance selling Paula Dorf on eBay? If so, I may have asked you about that on ebay!
  12. ^No, it was'nt me!
  13. i agree, its yucky
  14. Try Makeup Alley
  15. Try
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