No use to argue with the SAs in outlet

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  1. I went to Ontario Mills outlet for some Coach treasure hunting last week despite the SA told me only MFF items are available.

    I have wanted the Pop C Glam Tote (13839) and Small Wallet (42895) so badly. Even have pictures and info of them in my camera in case I spotted one, and although they are still in boutique.

    I was totally shocked to see the one and only showed up in the outlet that day at the 30% off Poppy section.

    See how colorful it is?

    However, it did not have any price tag. So I asked the SA, and this SA asked another SA to help me to track the number and price tagging it.

    After 20 min, she tagged the wallet with a totally different style number (F43276). So I showed her the photo and told her that was the wrong style, although the price was correct. But she kept arguing they are the same styles.

    Apparently, she does not know much about the product that she is selling.

    At the counter, the SA even more ridiculous. I showed her the tag number was different from my camera info, and she told me, "Oh, the boutique product number is different from the outlet number. We renumber them."

    Dear Coachies, could you all tell me what she said was true? It was not really a big deal since the price came out right, but I am wondering do most of these SAs even know what they are talking about??

    But I am really happy I got the small wallet. Tomorrow I will go again, and hopefully to see the tote there, since ebay is selling them now, and some are from the outlet!! *dreaming*

    I went twice, here are my other hunted treasures.

    Cherry Key Fob 92700

    Penguin Key Fob 92604

    Oblong Plum Scarf 98736

    Lilac Ball Chain Neck Scarf 98749

    ... and finally, Graffiti Tattersal Neck Scarf F98842

    Yeah, you can see I love scarfs.
  2. great haul! and if im not mistaken the product number remains the same even if the item is sold at the outlets
  3. Yes and I think they put an F on the product number
  4. prod number is the same, usually an "F" preceeds it once it's retagged at outlet.
    even if not retagged, outlet can ring it up without the "F"
    i have receipts with F12345 items and with 12345 items.
  5. They do not renumber them. Shes wrong.
  6. i saw quite a few of the totes at nordstrom + macys. i think you can check there...
  7. Really nice items!
  8. I have a few boutique transferred items, inside the bags, the creeds don't have F in front of style numbers, but when they put a paper tag on the handbag, they put the F in front of the style number.
  9. after an SA told me they do not honor the repair policy on bags you buy at a department store, I gave up on teaching them.
  10. I'm pretty sure they will add an "F" to the number and put a new tag on but the number stays the same.
  11. You can get the Glam tote and a ton of other accessories in the pop-c print at Macy's... with 30% off too.
  12. Cute Wallet!!!
    The Scarves are very pretty!!! I love the Penguin Key Fob and Cherry Key Fobs too!!!
    The Style numbers stay the same between outlet and FP stores. If they reticket the item, the tag should have Factory listed below Coach on the outside of the tag.
    I swear some SAs are clueless!!! Hope you find the matching tote!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  13. Thank you everyone for the feedback. Now I am pretty sure I know Coach stuffs better than the SAs. :P

    Yes, I have only seen tag with an extra F for some boutique items, but renumber them? That's the first!

    I just came back from Macy and Nordstrom! Yap, they have a bunch of that glam tote now. Making me wonder if Coachy outlet nearest to me having them too. I called the outlet today, but I was put on hold for more than 10 min, I decided to hang up. Maybe I should call again. Well, at least I know if I can't get it in the outlet at cheaper price, I have these two for options.

    Have anyone seen the Pop C Glam Tote in the outlets in your area? Please let me know. Thanks!!
  14. Really nice. I just bought the Cherry Key Fob too.
  15. Thank you for posting this --I feel the same way. I had a similar experience at the very same store on President's day. I wanted a price check on a madison wallet (the small all leather ones that came out with the sabrinas, ages ago) and it was marked regular price at $98. Now, I am no expert, but she insisted that there was no discount because its a boutique delete, only the 20% coupon applied! How dumb is that? But I didn't want it badly enough to argue with her. But, that seems to be the trend at this particular store.