No Try-Out...Now...the Real Thing...

  1. Another scenario...completely fictional...

    You have the opportunity to purchase 2 (only 2 Baggs!!!) H must purchase them without a try on...

    Which 2 would you choose???????? With only previous experience, tPF H threads, and other on-line resources as your guides...
  2. A Lesage embroidered 28cm sellier Kelly and a gold Rubans 28cm Kelly(like the ones in Les Vitrines).
  3. too easy for the first one: gold barina/toile 40 HAC palla. H/W
    second one is a little more difficult on the details defiantly kelly size 40 or 50 (most likely 40) Pallad. H/W black leather is hard though hmmm... charmonix or evercalf?
  4. 28 cm black box Kelly with gold h/w
    28 cm choco/ebene box Kelly
  5. This is easy-
    32 Miel Croc Kelly w/PH
    30 Black Togo/Chevre/VL Birkin

  6. enlighten those of us who have no idea what this looks like? pix? description?

  7. rouge H chevre HAC 32
    matte black croc bolide 37
    anything in emerald green.....
  8. SoCal, that's easy:
    • 25cm black box Birkin with gold h/w
    • 25cm marine blue box with toile sellier (or retourne - doesn't matter) Kelly with gold h/w
  9. Here ya' go:
    IMG_1042.JPG IMG_1044.JPG
  10. But HG, those Kellys have so much (gulp!) color!!
  11. indigo massai pm
    35 indigo or black or raisin or blue jean kelly either epsom or tgo or clemence hardware depends on color.
  12. wellllll.....................those are spectacular. yes you could never pass up anything that special.

  13. what exactly are you saying?;)
  14. Sue, I'm not going to carry them. They're going to decorate my apartment!

  15. if you did carry them that would be something like...........performance art