No 'traditional' LV but Love my BF...

  1. As he still is a student he doesn't have the budget to get me an lv bag. We don't buy each other big gifts for Christmas anyway, we like to pick some nice personal surprises. This Christmas my boyfriend got me LV-money (saving up for a black epi bag...) but he decided it needed some nice wrapping. So he made me my own LV multicolor origami purse with matching wallet :graucho:. Lol, I just thought it was so cute! I hope you don't mind me sharing his gift.

    SL370098 (Medium).JPG

    SL370097 (Medium).JPG

    SL370094 (Medium).JPG
  2. hahaha - that's pretty funny, and cute! :smile:
  3. Well, the purse is kinda crappy but he was really proud of his wallet :lol:.

    Can't wait to get the real thing and show it to you all though!
  4. That is toooo cute! Very creative and thoughtful.
  5. awww =) Thats really creative though
  6. I think it speaks volumes how he went out of his way to specially wrap that for you, even tho it wasn't an LV bag.....anyone can flash a credit card to buy an LV as a gift, but your BF put thought into something he wanted to give you, so it has alot more sentimental value. Hope you had a wonderful holiday !!!!!
  7. ahhh that was sweet....
  8. awwwwwwww... that is the sweetest thing he could do!!! :smile: that's really thoughtful of him and you are one lucky girl ;)
  9. awww... that is so sweet. it is the thought that matters
  10. That's sweet.:heart:
  11. very creative lol!
  12. Is the thought counts :heart: A very cute way of presenting it too :nuts:
  13. So thoughtful, I love it!
  14. I never would of thought of that. Very thoughtful and creative! He sounds like an amazing guy!
  15. I'd hate to be the one to tell you... but I think it's a fake hehe !
    No that's a pretty thoughtful gift