No tolerance for hot climates & all my makeup melts/sweats off! Am i the only 1~HELP!

  1. Seriously, when and where it is hot or humid, I sweat like a pig. Im talking like sweat rolling down my face, erasing my foundation, ruining my eye makeup and basically making it absolutely pointless for me to wear makeup whatsoever. I lived in a cool and balmy climate before bur since I moved to a hotter part of California, I have not been able to wear makeup!

    When I was travelling in Atlanta and New York, I COULD NOT believe how hot it was out there. I knew there was no way my makeup would survive! Im beginning to this normal?

    Its awful! I look like CRAP without makeup and I dont know what to do. Is there anyone else who experiences this? Also, I dont know if the sweating is condition but I do know that no one else in my family sweats like me, and I dont ever really notice other ladies having this kind of *problem*.

    :sad: Please help.
  2. Yes! this happens to me every time I travel to humid or hot places such as gold coast in aussie and parts of asia.

    I find that using a mattifying fluid under my foundation really helps with my makeup staying in place. I personally use Chanel mattifying fluid which is part of the Purete range - for young blemish prone skin.

    Another tip - for mascara use waterproof!

    hope that helps!
  3. I hope that its normal cause I have the same exact problem.. I live in Arizona (haven't live here my whole life) and every time its just a little warmer I get sweat on my upper lip on my forehead it looks like i'm melting hahahahahaahah I just use this stuff from Chanel this pressed powder that helps with shininess, I end up using the makeup sponge to help soak up the sweat (I know its gross but its all I can really do :shrugs:) I haven't found anything that works really.....
  4. I travel to HK a lot and it's mainly always during summer so it's VERY hot and humid there. This passed summer I took my Mat Velvet + foundation by Make Up For Ever and my makeup stayed on all day because it's water resistant (the entire MUFE line is either water resistant or waterproof). I still sweated like crazy but I just used tissue to blot my face and didn't have to worry about my foundation coming off as well.
    In the past, when I was still using Bare Minerals, I brought it to HK and all my makeup just disappeared in a few hours.
  5. I lived in Florida for 20+ years and found that the less makeup you wear in hot weather the better. I used a tinted moisturizer over my sunscreen and a light bronzer (bobbi brown) and Chanel pencil eyeshadow and waterproof mascara. I used pink lipgloss not lipstick. I never had problems and the humidity was horrible. But I tried to go as light as possible. Blotting papers also helped alot. I think it is just hit and miss to see what works in hot weather.
  6. Living in Indonesia basically all my life, I know what it's all about. That's why I do what gilliana said, that is to wear as lil make up as possible. I only wear oil free sunblock that double as a foundation (derm prescribed) and that's it. I dont wear any powder whatsoever. And then, just waterproof mascara, eyeshadow (if I feel like it), eyeliner, lipgloss. I only wear full makeup if I'm absolutely certain I'll be going to somewhere with air conditioning.
  7. Do you use primers? That would be one thing.. Try out Urban Decays Primer Potion for under eyeshadows, and some kinda face primer, I use the new Photo finish light from Smashbox! Its a have to have for oily or acne prone skin!
  8. OH also what I do, is I do my skin regime, then get blotting paper blot off oils after letting eveything sit for like 10 minutes.. then prime, then make up.
  9. I usually try to keep my makeup light to avoid the cake thing going on. Also as Reynald0c says, primer is a must! Usually in hot climates I just use primer, tinted moisturiser, eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow, light blush, mascara, and lipgloss.
  10. ^^ I haven't found primer to be helpful... perhaps I need to try a different one. Sweat is sweat. Everything is going to roll off. Including the lipgloss.

    I love the summer months, but I look better in the cooler weather.
  11. There is a foundation by Shiseido which has SPF 40 and is water resistant. It comes in a little blue bottle. I use it during summer.