No Tokidoki love for Texas Macy's stores?

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  1. I've NEVER seen Tokidoki bags at any Macy's store in TX that I've been to....or Nordstrom, either. :cursing: I see people talk about their latest Toki bag purchases from Macy's and I feel so left out. :crybaby:The only retail store that carries the bags here is Metropark, and they only have a handful of them.

    Anyone else in the same boat as me? :sad:
  2. The Macys where I live has some but not all the Tokidoki styles. I normally despise shopping at Macys because it looks too cluttered. I'm sorry to hear of your perdicament. I am not close to any stores that have a good selection of Tokidokis either. The sad thing is...the ones I do like are discontinued so I have to look online for them. :sad:
  3. No Toki here in Louisiana either :tdown: I've either gone to or called every place I can think of that may carry Toki in Baton Rouge and New Orleans and all I get in response is "What? Tokiwhat :confused1:?"
  4. :crybaby:

    We can be sad about our Toki deprivation together! Maybe it has something to do with the buyers in our particular region (Macy's South) not wanting to carry the line. They don't carry the Harajuku Lovers bags anymore, either :cursing: unless they are being carried in other states in the region....
  5. I agree. I've seen a few random Lesportsac and Harajuku Lovers bags at stores like Marshalls and Ross but never anything cute and never Toki:crybaby:.
  6. I've seen Toki at Loehmann's :yes: You can check there if there's one nearby.
  7. i was going to check the macy's in the Saks fifth avenue part of the galleria, but i don't think they'd have tokis since hardly anyone goes to that section of the mall when i'm there.

    but yea i'm really bummed we don't have it in many of the macy's or Nordstrom :sad:
  8. no toki's at any Macy's or Nordstroms here in southeastern VA :tdown: it sucks cuz i've been to them all and there's nothing. luckily up against the wall carries toki's but the selection is so so...
  9. No Tokis @ Houston Macy's Galleria. I have already looked. My friend PinkStars returned a L'amore stellina to the Macy's @ Memorial City Mall. I went to go look for it during the big sales and it was gone. Metropark Galleria and Willowbrook have Toki, along with both SoHo's (they are rude btw..and I would NEVER buy from there) Lohman's only has Citta and Orange stuff..but they are all still over priced. I have never seen anything at Ross. I go there quite often hoping to find something..but never do.
  10. Some cheaper Toki is better than no Toki at all :yes: I've never seen any at Ross, Marshalls, etc....
  11. aw, a l'amore stellina would be nice. (i need to stop buying though!) i've been to metropark.. they seem alright but they just like to gawk a lot. i guess 'cause they sell pricey stuff (what isn't in the galleria, lol) so they think their merchandise needs to be watched like a hawk.

    i've tried the west oaks tj maxx and only saw harajuku lovers stuff. :sad:
  12. I wonder who got the stellina and how much it went for! I hope it went to someone who loves Toki. Metropark is ok..They have the Moofia stuff and a bunch of the Toki clothes. The last time I went around the 1st of June they only had Pirata Ciao Ciaos. There were TONS of them. They also had Spiagga. I haven't seen anything @ TJ Maxx either. I have been to the one @ Memorial and Wilcrest or Kirkwood?
  13. ahh that was the one i was going to try =/ oh i also tried the one on richmond and sage next to the ulta.. sigh.
  14. I was at TJX last weekend and the only things of interest I found were a few HL bags and some $79 Sevens (!!!) that weren't my size :sad:
  15. someone posted in another thread that you can do a GoogleEarth search for tokis. I did it this morning by searching for "tokidoki new york" and it brought up a bunch of store names. Now of course I don't know how accurate the info is .. but maybe you can give that a shot too :biggrin: