No tokidoki, but I wanted to share my first LeSportSac bag

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  1. I found this at Marshall's today. I thought the colors were really nice, reminds me of a Monet painting.

  2. i saw one of those at my local ross. the colors are cute! LSS bags are all great.
  3. cute bag! :tup: it reminds me of abstract art. congrats!
  4. Thanks! So nice to have people to share new purchases with!
  5. i saw a really adorable hawaii print lesportsac bag in filenes basement a few weeks back - and i mean hawaii as in it was all maps of the islands and blue water background. it was so cute! i kinda wish they had more cuz i wanted to share with the hawaii tPF girls!
  6. I would love to see that one! When my grandmother was visiting from China a few years back, one of her favorite purchases here was a beach towel of all of the Hawaiian islands.