No Tivoli for me...I spent my money on a mint condition Cherry Blossom Papillon!!!

  1. This has got to be my best late night eBay find yet. While it's not the red/cream Cherry Blossom Papillon that I dream's very close. :graucho::graucho::graucho:

    The vachetta is just turning a light honey. It arrived slightly smooshed, but I'm massaging her back into her Papillon shaped glory. I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I love the bag...check out those conga lines!!!

    I want to especially thank all of the wonderful authenticators and moderators we have here that take the time to help out newbies like me develop a LVOE for Louis Vuitton. Without your help I certainly would not have the courage or knowledge to purchase off of eBay. :heart: are the pics!
    frontweb.jpg bowweb.jpg conga_lineweb.jpg bottomweb.jpg backweb.jpg
  2. Here are a few more!
    heatstampweb.jpg clochetteweb.jpg button_closureweb.jpg side1web.jpg side2web.jpg
  3. congrats it's in great condition...
  4. congrats! it looks like its in great shape! eBay is full of deals if you know how to spot an authentic piece. good job!
  5. Congrats, she's beautiful with perfect patina! I'm getting super anxious for the Tivoli that I might just end up getting something else as well! heehee
  6. Congrats, cpster! Looks NICE! :tup:
  7. It's beautiful, congratulations!

    Just on a side note, how much will the Tivoli be do you think?
  8. Congrats - the cherry blossom range is so pretty.:nuts:
  9. Wooo HOOOOO!!!! Congrats on the new GORGEOUS bag!!!! What excellent condition it's in!!! :nuts:

    Also, you're welcome on the authentication... it's always a pleasure authenticating things for you! ;)
  10. Thanks for that, was that in US $$?

    Your bag really is stunning, enjoy!!!!
  11. Ohh.. Its a Rare Beauty!!.. CONGRATS!!!
  12. That is one gorgeous bag!!!
  13. congrats, one of my favorite bags!
    lucky gal! ;)
  14. Congrats!