No, Thank you.

  1. Do you ever pass on a bag your SA offers you? I have heard stories of woman who take a birkin (or other bag) in a color or size they do not really love because they are afraid of upsetting the relationship with SA. WDYT?
  2. It's a little complicated, for sure. I think it really depends on your relationship and the situation. If you have a longstanding relationship with your SA, I think it is OK to pass on something, especially if it is something that just sort of came up and they thought you might like it. I don't know how things work if you decline an SO or if you decline something that the SA worked hard to find...but suspect it is again dependent on the individual relationship. I've passed on Birkins (not SOs though) and never had a problem.
  3. Yes, I just passed on a chocolate fjord kelly that my SA got in. I'd just purchased a black VL one though.
  4. thanks. I will check out that thread. I was not even thinking about SO, just a bag that they happen to offer. I would not be able to pass on a SO.
  5. Yes, my SA is really sweet and calls me all the time to let me know what comes in.... so I pass very often and hold out for what I really want. I would never pass on an SO/PO that I had requested.
  6. my SA knows better than to offer me something that i would turn down.
  7. I dont see why a SA would ever be upset if a good regular customer turns down a H bag. If the bag is in desirable color and style, the SA would be able to see it right away to someone else. If the bag isnt in a desirable color or style, then the SA shouldnt have offered the bag in the first place . . . unless the customer specifically asked for the combination.
  8. Nah, it's perfectly fine to pass on something you did not ask for. But I always tell her why I passed on her offer so she understands and is able to offer me items more suited to my desires, :smile:.
  9. ^^ ITA - AirMess and I do the same thing. Explaning exactly why the bag didn't meet my requirements.
  10. I've turned down bags and it hasn't affected my ability to get bags. But as others have said, it wasn't exactly what I wanted and I explained why.
  11. Unless it is a SO, your SA will not be upset. There are many customers who want these bags so they have no problem in getting it out the door. However, I find it best to be clear with the SA and let her know exactly what it is that you are looking for. If you are not sure, then tell the SA so you both are clear on the need.
  12. actually i think alot depends on the SA...........i started out with a couple SA's who just wanted to sell me bags.............they would call me about things i had no interest in on purpose IMO. I truly believe that a fair number of SA's know that many are afraid to say no and they use that leverage to get people to buy other things. i did that for a while and was taken advantage of.............i walked away from 2 different SA's until I found a couple I liked .........
  13. Yes, I did that before. The store may call you for Birkins that are not the ones with specs you put in your waitlist. People change their mind sometimes so it is like 'who knows customer might be interested in it'. KWIM.

    Of course, if the bag is a special order by you and you turn it down because you feel that you don't like the color combo, etc, then ... I must say it can cause a problem.
  14. The bottom line's your can do what you want with it.
    You have to make yourself happy.:yes: