NO Teal BONBON??? But she has 3!!!!

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  1. I will get over nothing, I will cry over what I want and I am happy to be crying over the frustration of having no pink bonbon available - especially in the Bonbon blog - God forbid I start to really share my problems - we would all be so depressed we would have no joy left in the world- so whine all you want because I do not want to be alone in my frustrations either!!!!

    I WANT A PINK Bonbon at any price or else - but I always want to be able to afford any price ;)
  2. the paypal and ebay fee are a big killer, can be as high as 20% of what she paid for on the bag, but 800 mark up is still high....
  3. Eh, I figure this is capitalism at its best. The consumer is driving up these prices b/c like many of you, they obviously want this bag badly and apparently, at "any" cost. I don't get it myself.
  4. Wow! She/He has over 5 BonBons AND selling under 2 seller ids. It's totally unfair when others are on a waitlist forever. Is this fair to those who are on a waitlist even???:confused1:
  5. How would this be illegal? Unless the merchandise is stolen, she can do whatever she wants with it I would think.
  6. That IS unfair that people can get 3 but other people are going without...
  7. That is so true, especially at the bigger stores like New York...
  8. This seller has more like 6!!!!
  9. ^^ That's even more unfair!
  10. You guys, I know that the forum is here for whatever we need it, and that you all feel like ranting. However, repeating how unfair it is doesn't really change the situation. There are more bon bons coming. They have produced a total of 32 so far and there are about 35 more coming. Don't despair there are still chances.

    Also, how many of you would say no if your SA told you you could have the bon bon without waiting and before anyone else on the list?

    Please don't shoot me for this, its just my opinion
  11. there are more coming??? how did you find this out? I was told that 80 were produced which were sent all over the world, every single one of which has been spoken for...
  12. ^^They commissioned 100, out of these they were set to produce 80, from the 80 68 were for the buying public. They have produced a little more than half of that and they are still being produced. This obviously does not account for whatever might have been produced and delivered over the course of this week but this was the situation on Saturday. They are being shipped off to stores as they are being produced and for some reason production is very slow. Nonetheless I know that there were several shipments made on Saturday so I would say 1-2 more shipments before they are completely gone. Also note that the top ten earning stores are getting priority in shipment. I would tell you how I know but then I'd have to kill you;), sorry.

  13. Dear BagsRME, would you be able to tell us what stores are the top 10 earning stores (other than stores in New York, California and Hawaii)? I'm trying to gauge if my store will ever get them. :P

    Thanks! :flowers:
  14. Unreal and completely UNFAIR!
  15. Yeah mine either. I was supposed to be the first on the list too. :shrugs: