NO Teal BONBON??? But she has 3!!!!

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  1. Boo-hoo lifes NOT fair!! Get over it!! Maybe they need the money & theyre deffinately people out there willing to pay!! so stop crying bout it!!
  2. ^ dang some of these comments hit close to home huh? there's nicer ways to put some of your comments, utilize it unless you want to be a hated member of tPF.
  3. I don't think that was necessary.
  4. ^^ Ita :s
  5. I wish! I only got the pink... the pic with Teal belongs to my friend.
  6. I am disappointed that people are able to get a few when it is so hard for the store here to get ONE in...I thought they stopped people being to w.l for multiple LE items after the Murakami CB frenzy??
  7. sorry to hear really sounds weird
  8. Cute bag but the prices are outrageous! Oh well, to each their own..
  9. That was uncalled for really.... :shocked:

    ChinChin, don't despair. Hold on, and I do hope you will get your teal bonbon.
  10. somebody please help me out, I'm really struggling with this. I REALLY REALLY want this bag and I'm fairly certain that there's no chance of me actually getting one from the store. It kills me to know that some people are getting them (and more than one, at that) just to sell them for a huge profit on ebay when most of us who really want them will never get one. I know that that's how the world works, and I'm willing to pay more than the retail price, but how much is too much? $2000? $2500? $3000??? Gah I don't even know if it's worth it anymore....

    what do you guys think?
  11. VICs are able to get more than one if they so request, but not all people make money off it. Some do it for their collections or help out friends or families who want one.
  12. dont do it..wait until you KNOW they are not in any stores......and i woudlnt pay over 2000, cmon is a pochette made on plastic! it probably cost 150$ to make...
  13. ^^ The bonbon is leather, not plastic. It's varnished calfskin.

    Kimalee, I'm going to be Devil's Advocate and say get it -- but if and only if you really love it and aren't going broke to get it. Not because it's rare, not because it's impossible to get but because you love it. As for waiting until you know there aren't any in the stores, well, it's a month after release. Are there any in stores right now? They've barely been in since they were released and every one has been spoken for. We know that 100 or less TOTAL were made. The likelihood of getting one depends on how hard your SA is willing to work for you. Or if you're willing to pay more than retail.

    Good luck with the decision.
  14. not only that, but I don't even have an SA! :crybaby:
  15. ^^ I'm sorry, but even if you have a SA doesn't mean he/she will able to get you one. My SA in Soho never called :sad: , and I have to reach out to other stores but still no luck. I called the 866 and they said I may have to continue call each stores daily !!