NO Teal BONBON??? But she has 3!!!!

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  1. OMG, that's crazy and sooo not fair!
  2. I am turning into "those crazy people" soon.... I keep telling myself "No"!

    You think so? If I do get the Teal, most likely I'll list my pink on ebay for sale as a used BonBon.
  3. Sigh...
  4. chinchin
    I hope you get your wish for the teal - then that means there would be hope for me to auction for your pink one- maybe there is a God after all!!!:angel:
  5. It sucks but its capitalism. Maybe its just me, but I would not pay those prices for something that is still available in the stores even though it is limited. I would only pay that amount after I am sure that they are not availabe in the store and I will not be able to get one.
  6. My SA tried really hard and she got me a pink. I doubt I can get another one. :sad:
  7. more will come, just hang in there gals!
  8. LOL... but I am still waiting for God to give me a teal at an reasonable price. :smile:
  9. Really? Somehow you always get insider news!
  10. She has sold 3 already- this will be her fourth!!
  11. She could be acting as a reseller? Some of them have clients who are VICs in LV, so they can snag a LE bag easily, then sell them off at a higher price to fetch a tidy profit. Then she's probably paid commission to do it.

    I'm not surprised. There are soooo many of these on ebay.
  12. You know I'm actually in the same situation as you.
    I wanted the mirage speedy so bad and came across this website which explicitly stated that they sold authentic retail display and over-stocks etc.
    The bag cost me over USD600 and I thot it was a steal too.

    But when I received it, I knew straightaway is was a fake, albeit a very good one! Sent it back for a refund which I'm still waiting for, but I had to pay a 15% restocking fee. :crybaby:
  13. "Dont Hate The Player, Hate The Game Ladies!"
  14. Oh, how I love it when you see new items posted on ebay with the words "completely sold out" -- especially when those items are permanent. For example, there are some Tahitiennes posted for sale right now.

    Chinchin, didn't you get a teal one already?
  15. oh please.........