NO Teal BONBON??? But she has 3!!!!

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  1. I agreed. It seemed unusual that a store will have 3 Teal BonBon to sell to her.

    I can understand "preferred status" but to get 3 of the same colour?


    Yes, that's a lot of money.

    But I don't think they would buy 3 amarante Pegase and 3 miroir speedy?
  2. I agree but I still love BonBon.

    I emailed her but didn't ask how she got them.



    I can understand if she has one and decided to profit from it but 3 when so many people are on waitlist?
  3. That's highly possible. Her written english is quite unusual from the emails. She may not be a native English user.

    When BonBon was launched, there are some BonBons on the system that are not allocated and for some reasons, many stores requested for them but never got it. So, why are they keeping the BonBons for?
  4. Either way, I really wanted one darnit!! *sigh* I shall have to obsess over something else.
  5. I am still obessed with the Teal even when I have the pink. Sigh... but no way I am paying $1000 over and above the retail for it.
  6. I wanted to bid on one of them, too, before I realized that she has several. This makes me so angry - completely unfair. And she sells all of them for about $1000 over retail.
  7. No, I'm just saying I know how that happens since they did this for me with those pieces. How she got these, I have no idea.

    I was just responding to clearstatic's post...I don't know how or why she got as many as she did.
    Some people are in the reselling business I guess. It makes me mad too but unless they ban her from buying LV or set limits like they did with MOCA pieces then there's really nothing they can do.
  8. Is there anyway to know if these are authentic? I found a site of replicas that carry - Heartbreak, mancrazy and the Weekender GM & PM so what if these are replicas too - I am so leery anymore after getting ripped off for a $1,000. on ebay LV a few years back.
  9. HI LVbabydoll, Though I may resent LV for selling 3 BonBons to her when the rest of us are just on a hopless waitless, I am on the verge of just buying Teal BonBon from her. The only thing holding me back is the LV event coming end April. My SA said there will be more LE. So I am hanging on.
  10. I think her BonBons are real. I have the pink one and my friend has the Teal.

    I was ripped off on ebay too- I wanted a LV cup weekend sac in antigua but it was sold out and hence I resorted to ebay. I got it at a couple of hundred cheaper but to discover it was a fake.
  11. The other Teal BonBon that was going for $2999 was closed at $2850.

    I wanted a teal too and was equally upset that some people could buy 3 easily while I have to keep bugging my SA.
  12. I was ripped off on ebay too- I wanted a LV cup weekend sac in antigua but it was sold out and hence I resorted to ebay. I got it at a couple of hundred cheaper but to discover it was a fake.[/quote]

    Please tell me you get your money back!!! :hrmm:
  13. ^^ No, I did not.

    The fake was quite good and I couldn't tell. A month later, I met a friend who had a LV cup from store. We compared and I realised the texture on metal plates and the zip are different. Mine is more matt than hers. I paid over USD500 and I thought it was a steal.

    I never use the bag since that day.
  14. Yes I did but it took weeks and I had to let the seller know that I would press legal charges against them since it was a high enough amount that it would be considered a crime - It was stressful -
    I see there is a bonbon in pink listed on ebay today and opening bid is 1900. - I would love to get it but it will probably go for well over 2500 and how do I know until it arrives if it is authenic or not since they have the mancrazy,heartbreak and weekender GM PM already out as replicas that can easily be bought for 200. a piece

    I keep hoping that the shipment has just been delayed and that when LV sees they could see more they will release another batch - at least that is why I am on a waitlist for one.
  15. Those are crazy prices. But I guess people are willing to pay so...