NO Teal BONBON??? But she has 3!!!!

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  1. Maybe she waitlisted at different stores?
    Not sure but I sure wanted one...
  2. Maybe she knows someone who works for vuitton or maybe her relatives work at different stores and help her get them :shrugs:.

    It looks like an insider job. :tdown:
  3. I hate to say it but some clients have preferred status. Celebrities, their personal shoppers, and SAa/Manager's favorite customers can and often do get their items before people on the wait-list, without ever putting their names on any list.
  4. Or perhaps she and a half dozen of her GFs all waitlisted and got the bags and she is the pointperson doing all the selling and they are all pocketing their profits!
  5. who knows, its not fair though, she is making 1,000! on each of them...thats 5,000 profit from BonBons!
  6. This is true, this happened to me with the Amarante Pegase and the gold Miroir Speedy.
  7. Yeah, I've noticed that she's been selling a lot of them too!
  8. Aw man.. this is why I'll never be able to get one. :sad:
  9. Its probaby this girl on another bag forum who uses a similar screen name of Penelope. She states she works for LV in Paris and gets insider view on upcoming things. She also says she gets sample prototypes and works closely with MJ......
  10. hmm. prolly just waitlisted at a bunch of stores. i dont really like the bon bon so..doesnt really bother me. i feel like its gonna be one of those purses that in a couple years no one will really wanna use. thats just my opinion though
  11. There are several ways for her to get her hands on those bags. Maybe you can ask her on ebay? I don't know that it is a bag that one will not want to use later on but it definitely young and fun!
  12. That's not fair.
  13. oh its fair. she did what she had to do to get it
    oh the beauty of capitalism! LMAO.:supacool:
  14. ^I think she just means unfair as in, there are people who wanted to have the bag to add to their collections, not just to resell.
    Granted, if I had the money I might buy 2 and resell one, but I would have people bid on it to set the price, not charge 1k more than it's worth. That's just me though.