No Takers on the Pelican - really?!?

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  1. Anyone have a Pelican? I've searched on this site and others, and no one seems to have committed to commenting on this new AW design. It looks astonishing as a satchel or clutch...anyone with real-life experience?
  2. I saw it yesterday in black. It's really gorgeous in real life. I've wanted the bag but not any time soon. It's quite conservative and not full on like AW's other bags. And it reminds me a lot like the Givenchy Antigona. But it really is TDF IRL.
  3. I think it's gorgeous but I think I would invest in a Celine before I would purchase the pelican.
    I'm lusting after the leopard emile right now. :smile:
  4. Thanks ninjanna - that's good to know. I've never seen it IRL but in pictures it seemed like the smooth leather almost looked "plasticy". But it sounds great!
  5. Thanks! Which Celine bag do you think is similar?
  6. It did look a bit plasticky but only because of the smooth leather. It still had the quality feel to it though. It was still really really nice :smile: but I'd rather get the antigona!
  7. I like the shape of the bag, but up close I wasn't fond of the leather. The bag in the store already had some nicks and scratches, so I can only imagine what it would look like with some use. Given the simplicity of the bag, I worry that botched leather would really stand out and ruin the look.

  8. Thanks for responding! Again, this confirms what I was concerned about given the look that the leather is so smooth. Hmmm...
  9. It's a beautiful looking bag in pictures.. I've never seen it in person but I agree with others.. My big worry would be that smooth leather! It's the reason why I didn't buy the smooth black leather wallet from AW because I was thinking how scratched up it would get in my bag with my keys and cell phone and doubted weather I would like the look.

    I wish someone bought it and had some mod pictures though... :P
  10. ^^i'm dying to see one of these satchels or clutches revealed on here!!! i'm really thinking about the nude or quilted black one (since I already have a black rocco) but there's no stores that carry AW where i am so i'd be ordering it sight unseen!! (just like my emile... but that one turned out even more gorgeous that I could ever imagine!)
  11. Since I played with it in the store I can also comment on the size, which I didn't love. I thought it would have been better if it was either a little bigger or a little smaller. It felt a bit too big to a be cute swingy bag on the long strap, but not big enough to have impact as a statement bag. Overall not as exciting as I had thought.
  12. My Bandage Pelican has just arrived! It is beautiful in person. The leather is very supple, but is not coated and looks as though it will be susceptible to marks. It already has a scratch too!

    It looks best held by the handles or in the crook of the arm. I wanted to be able to wear it on my shoulder, but it is way too wide from the side view. It looks more like a piece of luggage than a hand bag.

    It is also quite heavy. I wonder how I'll go just carrying all my stuff in it, if I'm only wearing it on my arm rather than shoulder.

    To sum up though, it is beautiful and I will be keeping it. Just wish it were slimmer and a little lighter.

    Has anyone else purchased?
  13. Haven't heard about any other ladies purchasing this bag yet, but if you can.. could you most some mod pictures so we can get an idea of size and look? I would looooove to see this bag!
  14. Cinnabun - I ended up returning it :sad:

    I should have taken some photos, but I think having photos might have made me sad about not keeping it.

    I think it's a beautiful bag to look at, but when I thought about it, I knew it wouldn't be practical and would probably end up in the closet rather than being used. It was just too heavy and wide at the base. If only it had been slimmer, I would have put up with the weight. It was just too cumbersome for a petite person like me.

    *sigh *sigh *sigh
  15. I have tried several different styles of AW and the only one that works for me is the Rocco.