No Tags?

  1. I finally went in and got the Bleecker Leather Small Zip Hobo yesterday, and I'm a little bit concerned. I had them gift wrap my bag (without my having seen it first) and when I opened it last night, I realized there was no (price) tag. the little plastic loop where the tag should have been is there, but the price tag itself is not. I know the bag is still new, etc. and I don't anticipate returning it, but what if it doesn't work out and I want to return it later? Will Coach still accept it? (I have the receipt and everything).

    And yeah I know it's sad that I'm kind of put off by something so trivial, and I'm surprised by how irked I am myself!
  2. Isn't that one of the bags that got marked down recently? When I was in Coach the other day I noticed that the display model of the marked down gallery tote had the reg. tag missing, and a tiny brown one on it instead with the new price. Maybe that is why it was missing on yours? :confused1: IDK just a possibility...
  3. did you try looking inside (if there's a zippered pocket)?? I bought a carly bag from the boutique and it didn't have a tag on it cuz it was put up for display but it was in the zippered pocket.
  4. greenpixie, i thought about that, but i thought that they could just rip off that little perforated section with the actual price listed.

    spacytracy, yeah, i even looked in the paper stuffing to see if it got tucked in and lost in the mess. no such luck :-/ thanks for the suggestion though.
  5. I got a bag last night as well and I didn't get any tags on it. Not even the thing the tag should be in. Maybe that explains the condition of my bag lol
  6. Don't feel bad it irks me too!
  7. lol it makes me feel strangely relieved that someone else received a tagless bag, lovechanel.

    good to know i'm not alone in my nit-picky-ness coachfreak!
  8. It would annoy me, too. I like to save all my tags! I'd call the store and ask them if it would be a problem for a possible future return--see what they say.
  9. About a year ago when I ordered my Carly, the tags were missing and I got really mad. Same thing happened to my Ergo and I actually had to return that because it had a popped stitch. To make matters worse, the store had to order one for me and didn't even include a receipt so the girl behind the counter was giving me a hard time!! It was awful!