No surprise... Another reveal (and mini rant)

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  1. Went to FP to use my PCE and return two things. What a nightmare! It took about 45 minutes for one transaction. My return items wouldn't scan into the system (fuchsia, which apparently isn't in the store yet, but why doesn't the system understand if Jax was able to sell them to me?!). Then my PCE would NOT come off. She canceled and restarted the transaction about 6 times. In the end, returned and then did a separate purchase (which I had suggested in the beginning). Thankfully, I got some nice goodies. :smile:

    First, because I love doggies...

    Then this ring that I was lusting after online. It's so much prettier in person than on the web site (and not quite as huge).

    Next... My new love. This may actually be my favorite Coach keychain.

    Last, this was waiting in my mailbox from eBay. I owned it a while back, sold it and later regretted it. Now he's back in line with my other fat, round Coach animal fobs :smile:
  2. Cuteness!
  3. Love the key gains...I also got the dog one yesterday, i didn't see the heart one at my store .... Its absolutely stunning, I did also get the breast cancer keychain with my coupon :smile:
    Which Fuschia were you returning ?
  4. Cute stuff, especially the jeweled heart and the doggie keyfobs!
  5. very nice!
  6. Love your new goodies, Congrats.
  7. Beautiful goodies! Congrats!!
  8. So pretty! I really love the jeweled heart.
  9. Congrats on all your new goodies... enjoy them!!
    twins on the jeweled heart... I have to say also it is one of my favs also.. it is so pretty IRL
  10. Cute! Love the doggy fob ;) Congrats on your goodies!
  11. The tassel fob (too fat for my liking) and a wallet that I ended up with 2 of.
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    Love everything especially the jeweled heart fob. I don't see it on the Coach website. It would look great with my black leather Sophia with purple lining. How much was it? TIA
  13. $58 before PCE. It's not on the site yet. I only knew about it because someone here revealed it. I tried to order it at the store and the girl blurted out that inventory said they had three in stock. Then she realized its "not out yet" but got one from the back for me anyway.
  14. Love the ring and the heart key chain is TDF!
  15. I really love the dog key fob!