no suede kit?

  1. I orderd a hot pink duffle on eBay, but its not coming with the suede kit that the bags have. What can I do to take care of it and keep it clean? If I contact coach do you think they will send me one? I didnt see anywhere on the site where I could order one. What do you ladies do to take care of your suede! Thanks!!:heart:
  2. You could try calling Coach CS or you could buy a care kit at a shoe repair store. Honestly though, I haven't used the Coach kit that much. You can search other threads for keeping suede clean. Some of the suggestions are gum erasers and nail files.
  3. The suede kit from Nordstroms does the trick...but I bet if you go into a coach store and ask they'll give you one.
  4. The Coach care kit basically comes with a mini eraser (which really doesnt erase anything) and a mini brush. Any kit would do, you dont need the coach kit, but maybe if you ask ur coach sa for a free one?
  5. If you go into your nearest coach and ask for one, they'll gladly give you one :smile:
  6. I use an Appleguard suede cleaner. It helped with the suede patches on a pw tote I have.
  7. yea coach should be able to replace it i would think.
  8. Actually Coach is no longer carrying those suede kits. We only have 3 or four left in the boutique and we don't give them out, they are for our use only :sad: I don't know why this is.

    They might be available in the fall again when we have more suede bags, but I don't know. I agree that you should call JAX and ask.