No such thing as too much of a good thing...especially at H

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  1. Kim Kardashian -- $100,000 Handbag Shopping Spree
    Posted 9/16/2010 12:10 AM by TMZ Staff
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    Kim Kardashian and her mom spent over $100,000 on handbags in Paris yesterday -- and no, they didn't buy a truckload of 'em ... they bought seven. It all went down in the notoriously expensive Hermes store -- where we're told Kim and her mother Kris purchased six of the label's exclusive "Birkin" bags ... valued at around $10,000 apiece. But here's the kicker -- sources close to the reality star tell TMZ, Kim also bought herself an extremely rare crocodile-skin bag from the upscale French boutique ... with a price tag of $30,000. Factor in the ridiculously high French sales tax ... and the Kardashians easily surpassed the $100k mark.* What recession?!
  2. I found some more pics of Kim coming out of H courtesy of X17.

    I have a feeling she must have gotten a lot of SLG's and jewelry also because a couple of those shopping bags look a bit too small to all be Birkins!

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  3. wow she's doing really well.. can't believe her career started by doing a sex tape.
    But good for her :smile:
  4. lol!

    ahh .. maybe one day I can blow a ton of money like that
    it will probably have to be in my dreams though :P
  5. money doesnt buy taste...........or class
  6. unfair =(
  7. so that's why the tPF members that went to Paris for the past few days has been saying there's absolute no stock or Birkins :smile:
  8. All of those bags do not look big enough for Birkins... and would they have let her buy 6 Birkins. Don't think so.
  9. They must be doing well businesswise, coz I remember in one of their TV episodes, probably the first series, that Kris was mad at Kim b/c she had spent $20.000 shopping.....:nuts:
  10. :girlsigh: oh how i wish i had their money....i'd do the same!
  11. maybe she spent a lot on other H items
  12. maybe she had the bags delivered to the hotel =)